Decentralization Round Table

Brainly's inaugural round table to discuss decentralized applications

Brainly is extremely grateful to all our guests, and we hope we can inspire engineers everywhere to think about future applications built on a decentralized infrastructure.

Special Guests:

Dan Desjardins, PhD
CEO at Kings Distributed Systems

Wesley Garland
Chief Technology Officer at Kings Distributed Systems Ltd

Jeremy Daly
GM of Serverless Cloud at Serverless, Inc. / AWS Serverless Hero / Host of Serverless Chats

Gianmario Spacagna
Director of Artificial Intelligence at Brainly

Isabelle Tobolski
Strategy, Operations, & Product @ Palantir

Sean Hacker
Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies

And a special thanks to Palantir's Grant Bettendorf and Francisco Ferreira for finding us the perfect people to speak at our roundtable!



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