New Brand. Same Brains.

Benjamin Hart
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3 min readMar 19, 2024


There’s a new Brain in town. Yes. You’re reading correctly. Brains on Fire is now BRAINS. New name, new look, new website. We’ve been working real hard, and we’re real excited. Some of you may be wondering — where’d the Fire go? Well, let’s back up a bit.

Brains has been around for about 30 years.

In that time we pioneered the word of mouth marketing movement, became a beacon for community building with two books to our name, and blazed the way for other creative companies through our commitment to building a people-first culture of highly collaborative, independent thinkers and designers.

We’ve always been united around the purpose-driven creative work we do. Our mission has been fueled, largely, by our people. We are marked by the sparks of countless creatives who have worked with us throughout the years. Community has, and will always be, our through-line, and one of our strongest differentiators.

So why ‘rebrand’? Why mess with a good thing? Why lose “on fire”?

In the past five years or so, the world around us has shifted in ways we couldn’t have ever imagined. As a result, our business has evolved and our team has transformed. We’ve moved from a community marketing agency working primarily with not-for-profits into a full-service creative agency with a growing list of purpose-driven partners across vertices.

We’re finding that our work centers less around starting movements, and more around driving real business or organizational impact. We focus on understanding our client’s unique problems in order to help them thrive and grow, building better brands, companies, and products for a brighter future.

We’re believers that in this industry (and quite possibly, in life) change is the only constant. Clients come to us to drive meaningful change all the time. We felt it was time to adjust our own brand to reflect this new direction.

We looked at where we came from and where we’re headed. Internally and externally, friends and clients alike already referred to us as simply “Brains”. That felt relevant, and, well, we felt ready to embrace it.

So, while “On Fire” is gone, we’re still the same people you know and love. We’re still enamored with the creative process. We’re still the brightest-eyed, hardest-working, quirkiest group of marketing experts you’ll ever meet. We’re still mission-driven, we’re still a certified B Corporation. We still look for the sparks — in fact, they’re at the center of our refreshed look. We still love the way it feels when an idea ignites something bigger than ourselves.

This change reflects our growth, our evolution, and our future. It’s about embracing our people — the Brains behind the magic — and stepping confidently into our next chapter, together.

Plus, we gotta be honest: it looks pretty cool on a hat.

Check out our new digs at

Here’s to Brains, 2024 and beyond. Like the rebrand? Like how we think? Want a hat? Reach out. We’d love to talk with you. Like we say, our Brains are your Brains.



Benjamin Hart

Co-President & Creative Lead of Brains on Fire. Co-Author of ‘The World Needs More Purple People’.