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Our Agency in Review 2022

Building a Great Place to Work (that does Great Work)

  • We raised our existing team’s salaries more than we ever have. We believe in paying our team above the fair and equitable measuring stick and we made big strides this year in pushing that ideal forward. Every person who had worked here for at least a year got an increase in their pay.
  • We invested more hours than we ever have into personal and professional development. Both in our newly implemented 1:1 structure and our dept / team learning structure, we tallied over 2,500 hours in on-the-clock development as a team. That’s over half a million dollars invested in non-billable hours.
  • We arguably (objectively?) did our best work ever this year. For us, that meant both the amount of output and the quality of the output to our standards. This year, we felt proud a lot.
  • ANNNNNDDD we made (and shared) more money than we ever have. A 77% increase in profits from the year before. Eclipsing the goal that we set out at the end of 2021 — a goal that felt impossible at the time.
  • Oh, and we were named as a Great Place to Work with 100% of the team saying that Brains was a great place to work (with some additional exciting news on this front dropping in January of this year).

Scaling Excellence

In my previous posts, I’ve covered at length how we think about growing leaders, adding talent, developing processes, etc.

Creating a Great Place to Work

I’m going to keep this one short. We’ve done a lot of policy and culture work over the last four years to bring us closer and closer to creating a place worth choosing every day. This year we implemented better parental leave, implemented 30-day sabbaticals for anyone who’s worked for us for seven years or more, took more holidays, shut down the offices at the end of the year, implemented more transparent growth and salary opportunities, built on our B-Corp scores, and more. We are firm believers that a culture is and should be constantly evolving and looking to better itself. When new people come, we are a new company. Our culture is not a Kool-Aid to be drunk. Again, not a destination to arrive at. It’s additive in nature, it’s amorphous.

It’s Hard. And That’s Ok.

This year’s story is maybe a little too nice. As with all good stories, we need some drama, some conflict. So I will end with some personal thoughts on leading. This was probably my most fulfilling and validating year as a leader — but it was also maybe my hardest year as a leader.



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Benjamin Hart

Co-President & Creative Lead of Brains on Fire. Co-Author of ‘The World Needs More Purple People’.