Magento: It’s a High Cost Product but Totally Worth the Expense: PART-2

With increasing need of overcrowded e-commerce industry, every trades-person is looking to have an online store where they can sell their range of products and services. If you are looking for the best e-commerce store for your business but not sure about the price, this article will help you to choose a perfect store based on Magento platform according to your budget. In our last article, we discussed Magento community VS enterprise solution prizing and the cost of In-House VS third party app development cost. Here, we are going to enrich you with more information about Magento Hosting prices followed by Agency prices of Magento stores

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Company pricing:

Pricing approaches might be different for you at the first glance. As for e-commerce development companies, the following prices can be considered as project minimum rates, in different countries:

Take a look at global Magento development freelancer rates:

As for companies, the following prices can be considered as project minimum rates, in different countries.

Magento hosting prices

The strongest reason, why this is definitely a good choice for store owners, is it’s extremely customizable features. It can be customized as complex as needed, also mean that running it at optimum performance is resource intensive when it comes to the matter of hosting.

Magento’s own hosting service provide customization for users back to 2014 but unfortunately, this service is no longer available. This means EE to CE every Magento user have to find their own hosting solution which is not easy if new in the e-commerce business.

When it’s about running an EE e-commerce store, a dedicated server is a must. Additionally, hosting costs are not considered when setting up the budget for a project, however, finding the right hosting company is a prerequisite for starting a successful business.

For users, shared hosting might be a possible option, with prices starting from $150 per month, while dedicated server cluster hosting — needed for more resource-intensive projects — may cost as much as $4,500.

Here is an approximate list of Magento store pricing

Basic Magento Store: Price range $10,000 — $40,000

Custom Magento Store: Price range $40,000 — $100,000

Magento Enterprise Store Pricing: Price range: $100,000+

What do you actually need? Why it’s totally worth your money?

If we say specifically, Magento is not the best choice for micro enterprises and small businesses. As smaller e-commerce stores not expected to generate revenue exceeding $1–2 million, other, free and easily customizable platforms might be a better choice for micro and small business.

You absolutely wish to get the best outcome with the money spend on anything. Magento worth every penny you spend on the development of your online store. Hence, Magento is not cheap, it’s efficient.

The smallest e-commerce stores don’t require such diverse functionalities Magento can offer, but it is mainly essential for medium to large enterprises that have to be able to afford developers, even agencies, to stay ahead of the competition of this competitive e-commerce market.

Magento is not a one-time expense if there is a question of long-term thinking. When taken seriously, it requires constant development and refinement to respond to market volatility.

This is why Magento is not the best option for those who don’t want to spend $100,000–200,000 allocated for customized development.

Such small e-commerce stores can be launched by working with freelance developers. Even though these can be profitable, there’s small chance for considerable growth in the long run.

90% of new businesses have to file for bankruptcy — due to their bad business policies and not because of their Magento based e-commerce stores.

But if any micro or small business company aimed to grow into bigger enterprises then choosing Magento is wise and at the same time fruitful in the long run. It’s not only a good investment it’s an opportunity worth taking!

The real question is: when you’re running a fast-growing middle-sized enterprise, are you ready to invest in its growth?

Investing in e-commerce stores works the same way as investing in physical stores. If it’s in a bad shape and the cash registers aren’t functioning well, it’ll scare potential customers away, right into the hands of your competition.

On the online, they don’t even have to make a real effort to find a better store.

If you can afford to invest $100–200,000 into a Magento web store while paying your employees and investors, while also investing in expansion in other areas (marketing, for instance), and have a budget buffer (expecting the unexpected), then you should definitely invest in your future.

If improved functionalities, user experience, and payment methods result in a 10% growth, your investments have a fair chance to pay off — and a customized system can do so much more for you. With the support of the right online marketing tools, and working with professional developers, achieving a 10% growth in revenue using a Magento e-commerce store is a realistic goal.

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