Angela: From a Project Manager to a Software Developer in Rotterdam

May 28, 2020 · 4 min read

This is a piece by Brainster, a platform for education helping you future-proof your career.

She first encountered programming during her studies but began to study it more intensively after enrolling at the Brainster Coding Bootcamp. In one year she went from administrative work in a distribution company, through Brainster Bootcamp into a career as a full-stack developer in the Netherlands. She is currently enjoying the challenges of her new job and going to work by bike every day. The story of Angela Ugrinovska is one of those success stories that at this time of year really inspire us and shows that anything is possible…

Angela, right after graduating from the Full Stack Bootcamp, you started working at Brainster as a developer. For how long did you work there and how did your career develop after Brainster?

Yes, after graduating from the Bootcamp, I got a job at Brainster as a full stack developer and was also an assistant at the Coding Bootcamp. I worked from April to September 2018 and then immediately moved to the Netherlands.

Did the things you learn at the Bootcamp and then the experience in Brainster help you gain professional confidence to start looking for a job abroad?

Honestly, in my case, the circumstances somehow fitted perfectly. I’ve been thinking about the Netherlands for a long time, and I decided to apply, first and foremost to see for myself how easily I’d overcome the challenge, how I would pass the technical interview, and in which directions I need to keep on learning. Ever since my first job application, after an interview with human resources and a technical one, I received an offer! So, yes, the things I learned at the Bootcamp, and the job at Brainster, and the fact that I was an assistant and constantly refreshed my previously acquired knowledge, subconsciously helped me gain professional self-confidence.

Tell us more about your new job. What do you enjoy most about it?

I am currently working for the digital agency Youwe in Rotterdam, for a year and four months as a Magento backend developer.

It was a little difficult at first, because of the new environment, new people. Also, we are working with Magento, a technology that was unknown to me. But I’ve been in the same company for a year and four months now, with a certified Magento developer certificate, and I have to admit that every working day is a new challenge!

I enjoy riding my bike back and forth every day, I enjoy every task I succeed in, I develop myself every day and I take on more responsible tasks, I enjoy the freedom I have here.

What are your tips for people in consideration of starting a career abroad? What things should they pay attention to?

My advice for people starting to think about starting a career abroad is to believe in themselves and their knowledge! Not to give up if they are rejected several times due to insufficient experience! The readiness and the impression that will be left on the interviews is one of the things that a lot of attention should be paid to!

When you started learning to program, what were your biggest fears and challenges?

When I started the Bootcamp, I was a bit scared that I’d never find a job in the world of programming. But the success stories from the previous Academies gave me hope that if you dedicate more than 100% to the program, and believe in yourself, the doors to that world are open for you!

I’m a bit of an introvert by nature (a bit more) and the biggest obstacle was how I’d fit in a new environment. But I had wonderful colleagues in Brainster and students from the Bootcamp with whom I managed to overcome that.

What would you recommend to those who are considering to start studying programming?

If you’ve been thinking about changing your career for a while, and in the meantime, you are not progressing at your current job position, don’t think twice. Take that step right away. Yes, it will take you about 9 months of very hard work, but you’ll see that it pays off when you get that job you always wanted.

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Brainster is a tech-ed company on a mission to help people future-proof their careers by learning in-demand tech skills and dive headfirst into the job market.


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A tech-ed company on a mission to help people future-proof their careers by learning in-demand tech skills like Data Science, UX/UI Design, Coding and more


Brainster is a tech-ed company on a mission to help people future-proof their careers by learning in-demand tech skills and dive headfirst into the job market.

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