Protecting Your Brand against counterfeiters

Serg Vorobyov
May 30, 2019 · 2 min read
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Most people don’t give a second thought to buying a knock off or fake luxury handbag or clothing item. Did you know that counterfeit goods are the world’s largest industry or that it’s a multi-billion-dollar illegal industry that has created a substantial drain on the global economy? Counterfeiting has crowded out billions in legitimate economic activity and has facilitated an underground economy that deprives many governments of revenues, dislocates hundreds of thousands of legitimate jobs, and exposes consumers to dangerous and ineffective products. From an intellectual property perspective, counterfeit goods cost intellectual property rights holders millions of dollars, not only in lost revenue, but also in enforcement costs and lost reputation damages.

Protect from counterfeit and illicit trade. Promote products, goods and content knowing your organization is protected against counterfeits

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What You Can Do to Protect Your Brand?

Very simply, install the APP BrandProtect in Google Play. is a platform for protecting goods from counterfeit based on cryptography and blockchain technology. The platform is designed and ready for implementation, to protect any product that has problems with counterfeit. Using the blockchain technology, it was possible to create a product with a minimum cost of protecting a unit of goods, allowing you to use BrandProtect to protect mass, not expensive goods such as a bottle of wine or jeans. Each product manufacturer can create cryptographically protected certificates for a few minutes. The operation of the BrandProtect application ensures their storage and transfer from the seller to the buyer.

Brandprotect platform, using the Smartphone application, provides generation and transfer of certificates of originality of the goods from the seller to the buyer. In the modern world smartphone has become a necessary gadget for any person. According to analysts, by 2020 the number of the working devices will increase to 6 billion pieces. Smartphone already not only individual communicator. A huge number of different applications makes it an irreplaceable helper for rest, work and mobile payments.

The following step — creation of DAPP using blockchain technology and integrate it with smartphone applications.

The BrandProtect platform is the basis of the blockchain system for controlling goods. The number of smartphones by the end of 2019 will be 6 billion pieces, which will potentially create 500 trillion transactions per year.

We are ready to implement a blockchain control system for goods in your enterprise. Be the first to receive our product on preferential terms.

Brand Against Counterfeiters

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