7 Steps for Crafting a Brand Story That Sells.

Make Your Clients Want More and More of What You Do.

I’ve never really believed in ready-to-use formulas and certain amount of steps that you need to take in order to find passion, be better at what you do, love more, be more, create more, etc.

I was the kind of a guy who followed the common rules and directions created by people who’ve made it businesswise. They were my heroes, I’ve put everything at stake, and was more than happy to take the risk as a business owner and entrepreneur. And it was until I’ve failed miserably.

In the early years of my career I’ve founded two companies and very soon, both of them went bankrupt. I didn’t know why. Everything seemed to be ok until I’ve met other business owners, with great visions, but very poor results. I’ve started listening to what they were saying.

It took me a couple of years to research more than 200 companies worldwide and see what is it that they’re struggling with the most. As you can imagine, working in so many diverse environments, with so many brilliant people has been a wonderful journey.

Watching their ups and downs, failures and successes, analyzing every piece of their marketing, products, customer service and social interactions was the beginning of a great discovery.

As soon as I thought I’ve learned enough to embark on a mission to help business owners and entrepreneurs with their companies I’ve hit another wall. That wall which i thought was an obstacle turned out to be a blessing for me and people that I’ve helped in the following years.

As soon as I hit the wall I went back to the drawing board. Again. And again. I was working 18 h/day to get everything right. To find this little thing that sabotaged not only me, but all of the fellow entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to during the “research days”.

My internal drive to solve this problem was extremely strong — I wanted people to realize what is it that gives their businesses the biggest boost, the passionate followers, and ultimately the results they were aiming at. Also I knew the other side of the story, because I’ve learned it the hard way, loosing two companies along the way in the early days of my career, and almost lost my family at that point, due to a massive financial issues.

With the drawing board in front of me, I knew it could have been my last chance or I had to move on. It took me another few months to figure it out, though. I’ve spoken to hundreds of people during this time, interviewed CEOs, watched every possible video, read books and articles related to this topic. But all of these actions didn’t add anything new to what I’ve already known.

It was until I’ve spoken to a friend. We were drinking coffe at the nearest Starbucks and I was telling him about my findings and the whole journey. I told him that I was unhappy, and that I knew something was missing.

At some point I’ve eavesdropped a conversation between two teenagers. They were so relaxed and passionate about the story they were sharing with each other. I couldn’t help myself but listen even more — it was humble, it was clear, it was captivating. The way they talked to each other made me so interested in the topic that I was ready to even pay them to continue.

This is how it all started. Instantly I’ve plugged in my laptop and started rewriting my friend’s brand story the way I’ve heard it from teenagers. Within the next 2 weeks he’s sold more of his products than he did for the last year.

I took this knowledge one step further and helped another group of business owners. And all of them had an instant rise in engagement and the amount of orders for their products and services.

At that point I knew I’ve found a way to help business owners better communicate their business ideas, values and mission with their clients through the process that I’m about to share with you in a second.

Today you’re getting an exclusive access to the 7 steps formula I’ve created based on years of hard work and research. So if you ever needed to tell your brand story, write a speech or get a new client, you will know exactly how to organize it and use properly.

Remember to always keep the order the way it is outlined below. This is how you tell the story:

  • The Mission — this is where you tell your audience why you do what you do, what was your call, what kind of experiences shaped you, what kind of observations made you think that way. What was that thing you wanted to solve so badly.
  • The Pit — the pit is your first downfall, the first time you had doubts, or maybe your business partner left, or you weren’t sure if you are on the right track. You wanted to quit or maybe go back to your old job. This is the most important part that simply says — “I’m a human, like you”.
  • The Journey — this is where you tell your audience how your journey started, what was driving you, this is where you describe you passion and how your work began to change other people’s lifes. You were following certain direction but still you weren’t sure if it’s the right one.
  • The Breakthrough — this is where you talk about the moment your efforts transformed into some sort of success. At this point you were completely sure that you’re on the right track. That you found a way to serve people and communicate your business idea, your values and your mission.
  • The Suprising Results — at this point you write about the suprising results that your business idea created. You’ve tested it many times, and every time you’ve used your expertise the results were consistently great. Or your product was positively tested and proved it’s high value.
  • The People’s Results — this is very important part for your customers. Talk about other people’s results. Highlight all the good things, what they said, what they felt. Use some testimonials. Heat it up!
  • The Win — and finally celebrate success with your audience. Tell
    them how happy you are, and how wonderful it is to be able to help them, to save them time, money, stress and other things.

I’m happy to share this knowledge with you today. The best way to use it is to copy and paste these 7 steps into a word doc. and rewrite your brand story one step at a time.

This formula helped me connect with my audience on a completely new level. I encourage you to use it in your business to tell the best story you can and share it with your tribe/community. It will change your business and your career forever.

Enjoy the process!

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About the author: Konrad consults with companies, entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world to build their brands and business visions around their brand story and ideas they want to market. He invests a lot of his resources into start-ups & young brands helping them thrive in a noisy digital world.