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Writing about language, brands and design.
Note from the editor

This publication is made with words from Uppfatta and partners of ours. We’re an agency with brand language strategists located in Umeå, Sweden. We write about how language intersects with branding, design and strategy. We think businesses today pay too little attention to how they write and why, so we try to change that.

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Samuel Stenberg
Designer and UX Writer @ Uppfatta, a branding and communications agency in Sweden.
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Writing for brands, services & products.
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Per Lundgren
I’m a Brand Language Designer & Writer at Uppfatta.
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Anna Tillas
Specialist inom användarcentrerad kommunikation.
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Jonas Lampe
Passion for digital design, leadership and user needs. Loves people, guitars and lindy hop. Drinks tea and tries to workout. I’m no real writer only a designer.
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