Your Story Isn’t About You

Most people have trouble telling their story. Explaining what you do, why you do and what’s awesome about it succinctly is hard. As an entrepreneur, innovator or business owner the pressure to get your story just right in all sorts of situations can weigh heavy.
But here’s the thing.

Your story shouldn’t just communicate the facts about you. It should change how the person who hears it feels.

Stand in the shoes of the person you’re talking to and tell them something that’s going to make them give a damn.

Pitching to an investor? 
How does she want to feel about your idea?
What’s going to get her there?

Talking to your clients and customers?
What problem are you solving for them?
What’s going to change how they feel about themselves in the presence of your product or service?

Your story only needs to do one thing. 
It needs to give people a reason to care. 
If you stop trying to convince people to think differently, but change how people feel then you’ve told your story well.

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