Your Work Won’t Speak For Itself
Poornima Vijayashanker

Earn The Right (ETR)

That’s so nice of you to share this, Poornima. And as well put by you, it certainly is the show of hands that determine the presence of people, even today.

What The Talk?

My tryst to find out what makes some people such great orators was unquenched for a long time. It was not that the ones who commanded respect on stage were never nervous. It wasn’t that the highest paid show anchors never made mistakes. It wasn’t even as much about what the topic they were addressing.

A recent event I had been to hosted in Bangalore by @ArfeenKhan, the performance coach, gave me a new perspective. Although the thought of being shameless in speaking up was never an obstacle, giving away all the power to listen to what I speak was still with the people in the audience.

Right To Be Heard

So, how does you make the people listen to you? Simple, you Earn The Right.

poornima (in the article referenced above) did it by telling people what they would lose if they did not hear her. Some others build their profiles as subject matter experts. And I do it by first giving the insight which is interestingly presented and then stating what in my past experiences qualify me to listen to me. And now I am practicing it.


Approaching anyone to strike a conversation with (mind you, I still get nervous when I have to talk to a girl I have a crush on), has never been scary for me.

Communication has been at the crux of everything I did, be it spinning digital marketing campaigns, analysing user experience, refining processes or penning facts about legends.

I have been a Branding Guy helping larger companies and startups refine their communication to help provide desired results. I have had the opportunity to work with almost all the different types of communication and innovative ways of delivering communication for brands ranging for TataDocomo and 3iInfotech to 3GBits(Home Automation) and Orchard Fresh ice creams. I have had a chance to interview tech honchos on their market preparedness to writing erotic stories for a bedroom lingerie brand I co-founded.

Tying It All Back In

The fact remains that with so much of noise out there being heard become so much more important, as Rama comprehended. Then again, being heard will not work with anything you could scream. Being known for what you are passionate about or great skills at is certainly important.

What is your opinion?

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