Why is the FREEDOM251 the SMartest $4 Investment?

Everyone agrees the Ringing Bells Freedom251 at Rs.251(about $4) adopting the new trend of online sales only strategy is outright silly. And we know the target audience of a $4 phone is not you and I. So, how could such a silly idea still make absolute sense, weirdly though.

Everyone would admit, those who will buy the Freedom251 online will be the one gifting/ assisting purchase of the smartphone for the ones who cannot afford a more expensive smartphone and yet want to possess one.

The Example:
Let’s consider the commonly found immigrant (from another state) IT official buying it for his cook/maid. (S)He can then ask them to send the choices of the food plan via WhatsApp. That saves him the agony of not having any control on what’s cooked. The cook/maid can then click the photo of the food cooked and WhatsApp it to him/her. That builds anticipation. The same image can now become an Instagram post which could auto update on FB and shared on his timeline. So how does that help?

Natural Progression:
The chain doesn’t stop there. Each of such professionals sharing the food pictures each day means more such food photos shared. This will give food brands and FMCG companies which make ingredients and accompaniments, insights into the kinds of dishes cooked in town everyday. Thanks to the stream of newly available photographs, the marketing departments of these food companies can innovate, introduce or position their products that will help reduce the effort and better the taste of such recipes. e.g. A ready-made spices company can place advertisements of new taste-maker that would help enhance the recipe, right next to his/her post, inciting the professional to buy it on his/her way home by even providing the exact shop he could procure it en route his way home.

Entrepreneur Benefit:
Analyzing those images to gain details of the kind of food shared, the prevailing tastes in town and comparing them to assess the need of the hour, could be a great technology for a startup to work on.

Creating such tailored and specific ads based on analysis of various factors such as location, travel route and availability of the product at stores en route could be another.

In today’s advent of cashless transactions, the option of signing the professional and the store where he could get a great deal at, on the same platform and using prepayment or instant checkout without having to wait in the queue could be yet another idea for a startup to work on.

Quite an impact through technology and certainly possible. What say?