UnCommon eCommerce

While technology is exposing us to newer options, our mindsets are also getting broader to welcome newer products and lifestyles.

Seeing so many eCommerce websites catering to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, fashion products, electronics and even cheap deals, we often feel entrepreneurs have run out of new ideas. While having a wide variety of wares to sell is a good way to please all, specialization opens new niche opportunities for consumers to relate to and buy.

Of late we have seen the trend change. There are websites that sell specific types of products, like, baby products, women lingerie, men’s formal wear, ethnic wear, health foods, etc. On the other hand there are many others who have everything from handmade chocolates to customized vacations.

While websites like Hipmunk and Ixigo make travel choices easier, HoneymoonSwami and Kaamastra are revolutionizing the way people make love. The focus is not the price race anymore, its all about what experience can consumers buy online.