Using Calculation Blocks in Brandgram Pages

When you build a page in Brandgram, you might want to perform calculations to create a more personal experience for the viewer. Calculation blocks are great for making quizzes, shopping baskets and more. You can keep scores for answers, total up prices or work out the result of a formula.

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Calculation block settings

Calculation title stores the title of the calculation. For example, quiz score.
Calculation stores the formula for the calculation. 
Decimal places stores the number of decimal places to add to the result. This setting is ideal for calculations which need to work out prices.

Calculation block

In a calculation, you can reference previous blocks. For example, if you wanted a formula that calculated the total based on the price and quantity, the formula would look like: Price * Quantity

Formulas may include parentheses () to change the order of operations, for example: (3 + 3) / 2

Numeric operators

  1. Use + to add together two numeric values. For example 2 + 2
  2. Use - to subtract two numeric values. For example Price - 2.00
  3. Use * to multiply two numeric values. For example Price * Quantity
  4. Use / to divide two numeric values. For example Bill Total / Total People Splitting The Bill


In this article you’ve learned how you can create smarter pages by using the calculation block.

Click here to view an example of a Brandgram page using a calculation block to split the bill with friends.