Is Your Digital Marketing Playbook the Best?

So what makes the best digital marketing playbook?

Say what? A digital marketing playbook?

Yes. In the recent years, digital marketing professionals were on the search for something that would help them effectively create, plan and execute a digital marketing plan. Now they’ve found what they were looking for: A digital marketing playbook.

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It harnesses the right tools and strategies to help reach your brand’s objectives in the journey to success. Digital marketing is akin to real life relationship building with your customers and can help you achieve the ROI you’ve been looking for all this while.

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So let’s get down to some of the basic aspects that determine a digital marketing playbook success:


You get the right results only when you learn to balance and effectively manage each element the right way. To bring about a successful digital marketing campaign is not a piece of cake. It requires time, effort and consistent hard work from all ends.

77 percent of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth. (Circle Research)

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Make sure to answer these questions in your playbook and come back to it later when you devise a new strategy. Make sure that the plan fits the bill and works towards your brand’s perspectives.


A company website allows you to talk about your story and the team behind it. It lets your customers have virtual proof of your brand’s existence and gives them background information. In short, a business website makes you take control of your own narrative, set up your own online store which, in turn, gets you more customers.

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Your playbook should have plans of construction (or re-construction) of your company’s website. Make sure to plan out each and every segment of the website to let the visitors know what your brand truly stands for.

Social Media

With over 1 billion users of Facebook and 330 million users on Instagram, social media sites such as these help you in increasing outreach and brand awareness. But being present on social media does not simply mean creating an account one second and praying for followers the next. It means that you have to constantly be in touch with your customers and make sure that your account is updated with all the latest product developments.

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Maintaining a playbook also means maintaining a section where you look after these accounts. Digital marketing strategies can be elaborated and the big picture can be broken down into simpler tasks. Make sure that you devise a social media marketing strategy that aligns with your objectives before diving right into it. With the correct platform management and content planning, your brand can and will achieve amazing results.

Engage your audience. Try to gain trust and loyalty. Inspire and motivate. That’s how you get respect as a brand in the digital era.


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To do this, you are going to have to know your customers better to find out what they really want. This means that you have to be consistently listening to what your customers have to say and take into account how they are being receptive to your marketing strategies.

Digital marketing is becoming more personal with organizations establishing deeper, more personal connects with their customers. Marketers are now interested in collecting data and analyzing it to make sure that your brand becomes recognizable and something each individual can relate to.

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