Branding America: How To Manage International Crisis

Leadership has many key elements which are very understated or underrated. A dynamic speaker can elevate others to raise the platform for everyone. The key team should have members who can stand extremes. Long hours are normal. Boring work seldom fails to hit each person’s desk. Working in areas which are not in your normal operating zone occurs on a daily basis. Communications often dart around the officer in charge of communications for the President as his family “knows best” or “forgets procedures”. Would the Kennedy family ever make decisions without asking for the facts or events?

Emergency situations require level-headed thinking. Leadership that wins in crisis situations includes an element of inclusion rather than exclusion. Success is often based on key facts, historical events, ground-breaking and less understood failures in policy or law, and mediation attempts which never moved forward. The photo above is a man that did not shy away from dangerous situations, nor did he forget the sacrifices made by those who backed him for the White House. Jack Kennedy was a powerhouse that ruled like a force of nature with intelligence.

Never forget that the basis of the Cuban Missile Crisis was the failure of both sides to present the truth. Tell the others that you have no idea what they are talking about as key leaders are watching air to ground photography of weapons recently smuggled in under vegetation and camouflaged.The weapons can easily destroy Miami and south Florida. We have recently lifted sanctions related to these events. Peace rules at last between allies and friends with much in common.

The future will continue to experience security breaches. This is significantly clearer due to drones, streaming video, satellite images, and CIA. Audio and streaming video clips from drones are a way to move quickly and worry less about public opinion. The lies which clouded reason will fail to persuade. Big brother is beyond watching: he is iBroadcasting live. The time of elegance ended with reality TV and cell phone cameras: there is no way to go back in time. We are navigating a new set of challenges in the world.

The Cuban Missile crisis was the starting point of our nation dealing with new weapons and different international relationships. Briefcase bombs can be tracked by satellite. Nuclear weapons of all types are well understood. NATO and the UN have the wherewithal to understand threats and move to stand off. The era of truth has arrived. The world is a very educated place with brilliant well-informed people that understand underlying motives.

The concept of public opinion matters less as drone audio and video iBroadcast live events to a nation. TV and the internet will simulcast clear film footage to cellphones and iPads anywhere. There are 3 billion additional cell phones with cameras for additional viewing and filming capacity. The drone count exceeds 130,000 and adds a closeness that is shocking. The new message gets your story correct and true.

The Cuban Missile Crisis lessons remain. Weapons within striking distance are important and should not be dismissed. Do you destroy your enemy for a decade or forty years? What is enough? Ask this question out loud.

The importance of a safe base is easy to understand. It transforms the worst moments into manageable tragedy. Risky behaviors often increase during periods of crisis. This seems almost inevitable and varies depending on your geographic location.

Danger will never leave the planet. It is porn streamed onto social media sites of foreign leaders. It is drones crashing to almost kill the leader of Germany. The international banking crisis exists in the USA, Switzerland, the UK, and Greece. Briefcase bombs can cause leaders to lose sleep in Davos. It may appear as multiple kidnappings and hostage type events. Nuclear waste flooding into the ocean near Japan after the typhoon damages the food and bio-pharma industries in the area. Scary diseases will enter our safety zone as we cure HIV and Hepatitis with new expensive drugs.

A team of players fighting together and protecting the sidelines as they moved in a wave of power into Washington. The high-performance level of all the key staff and appointments allowed the crisis to be a full-time job and life to go on as needed. The message is that no one can be pushed to the limit forever without it showing. The world is awash with new problems and challenges.

You will never know the level of crisis managed by a good team of leaders. It will be dismissed with a smile. We must ask ourselves how well do we know our leaders and what skill sets do they own to navigate the crisis. Managing crisis with grace is very hard to do for long periods of time. We should look for men and women with crisis management backgrounds for future leaders. The man above looks like a qualified available candidate. Leo DiCaprio is a polished creative environmentalist with a great resume. He understands technology and our government’s use of facial recognition software and FBI voice recognition software to digitally identify the voice of a party. He is astute and not easily deceived.

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