Every business owner, looks for more value for their dollar but this can seriously hurt your business, when taken out of context.

Thinking of cutting cost, you won’t be so hurrying to do what your thinking, if you considered the reality of your actions. While cost is a factor, for every small business owner, to one degree or another, the solennial owner considers cost only after quality because they attribute the alternative (placing cost before quality) to placing the cart before the horse and since building brand awareness can be hard work, its ill-advised confusing keeping your cost down with returns you can incur by making a smart investment.

I have encountered many clients with this wrong sided way of thinking. They prefer cheaper service as it keeps their cost down and gives them the extra they need to invest in more important things; no doubt they experienced the value of my work but they are prisoners to their own concepts because they just don’t understand the value of branding. In the end, this only hurt their business. Which brings me to a my point, when customers have come to position your brand with a certain level of quality, it only hurts your business, when you diminish that on account of being cheap.

And maybe you might just get lucky with subpar work but it just weakens your brand over all making it a lot harder to maintain that “luck” in the long run. Everything in your business from your marketing to your sales, feeds off your brand. Its the oil in the engine of your business, that keeps things moving smoothly even in matters like re-branding.

That being said, you can certainly improve upon your brand but it must never be at the expense of the customer’s realtionship, where you’re barely even recognizable anymore. Communicating this to a client who’s already set in their ways can be frustrating either because you don’t have the skill to renew their thinking or they are just not your perfect client. So rather than trying to turn water into wine, focus on finding the type of clients who are already aware of the importance of your services.

A great way to spread the word is by blogging. It forces you to work at placing whats necessary for the customer to be cognoscente of prior to working with you into words ans speaking as one who practices this its no over night success if writing isn’t your strength but it makes finding and working with your perfect customer easier approaching them on this basis. Doing otherwise only sends all the wrong messages and you end up attracting more of the same business you dislike which I talk about here.

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