Logos: Does Shape Matter?

When you’re setting out to design a new logo, there’s a lot to think about: colors, fonts, imagery, target audience, brand objectives, messaging, display channels, and so forth.

Stephanie Asmus
Oct 16, 2018 · 3 min read
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But what about shape?

Yes! Whether the logo will be more rectangular, circular, square, or triangular — shape absolutely matters. The purpose of a logo is to provide a unique portrait of your brand for your users and customers to be able to identify you. You want to put your logo anywhere you can.

The problem is your logo might not serve you to it’s full potential everywhere you want to put it. If the shape isn’t right, it may end up too small, illegible, or hard to identify.

For example: say your company sponsors an event and they want to put your logo on the back of their t-shirt along with other sponsors. They tell you the spot for your logo is 2x2 inches.

In this situation the ideal shape for your logo would be a square or circle.

Here’s why. Say this was your logo:

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As you can see in the sample below, in a 2x2 area, this would be really hard to read and have standout; versus a logo shape that better filled the 2x2 area, such as a circle or square.

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Of course, what if the area for the logo was for the hero section of a website where the dimensions were 1920x1080 pixels? In the case of web, you typically want your logo more rectangular to maximize the available screen space without taking up space for the content or making the page too long. Same potentially with packaging and collateral materials or other areas where you have a lot of content you want and can’t afford to have the logo taking up real estate.

You could also wonder how it would look as an app badge, across promotional materials, billboards, banners and so on. The scenarios for where you might want or need to put your logo can be limitless and as such you want to be prepared for all of it.

All this to say, while shape does matter the solution is versatility.


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