The 2016 font year is coming to and end. Gear up for 2017

This closing year has been a good one for us but there’s much more to come (we’re not including political events on the balance).

We launched a number of successful font families. 5 to be precise.

We are incredibly lucky to have worked with some of you creating custom fonts for your clients. Keep them coming. In 2017 we will be able to show you some of that custom work.

Thom joined the team and he’s now working on his first Bw font. It’s too early to give you any more details, but it’s already looking very good. What we could show you though is a sneak peak of our upcoming releases: The versatile super family Bw Choice Sans & Slab, and the italics and stencil companions to our wedge serif Bw Darius. Watch this space.

Bw Choice Slab typeface wip preview
Bw Choice Slab & Sans typefaces wip preview
Bw Darius Italics typeface wip preview
Bw Darius Stencil typeface wip preview
All the best for the new year!
Os deseamos todo lo mejor para el nuevo año!
De beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar!

Originally published at on December 15, 2016.