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21 YouTube SEO Tools to Increase Your Video Rankings

Time to Boost Your YouTube SEO

best youtube seo tools 2020
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Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube consumes over 1 billion hours of watch time every day. It is claimed to be the online video leader as the second most-visited website in the world and claims an active 1.9 billion user base.

That’s why optimizing your video content is critical to rank well on YouTube. How to do YouTube SEO? Here’s a rundown of tools to help you run & manage your YouTube SEO. Some are your general, standard SEO tools. A few others are designed specifically for the platform. But you’ll need each one of them to boost your presence on YouTube.

1. Google Trends

Google Trends helps you to analyze the popularity of top search queries across various regions and languages. You may check any topic on it to see how much interest it generates.

seo tools for youtube

On the result window, click on “YouTube Search” to explore video-interest opportunities. As the data is coming from Google itself, it is quite reliable.

2. Keyword Planner

If you want people to discover your video content, do choose the right keywords. Using Google’s Keyword Planner allows you to analyze search volumes over a keyword. Also, it’s a Google tool, so data is as trustworthy as it gets.


Alternatively, You can use YouTube’s autocomplete feature. By simply typing your primary search keyword in the search bar and let YouTube interpret it by showing autocomplete versions.

3. Rank Tracker

The tool lets you tap for free into a database of relevant keywords. And also allows you to check the number of searches, competition keyword difficulty, expected visits, CPC, etc.


This is another keyword research tool that lets you analyze volumes of search data. In some aspects, it is better than the official keyword planner. It helps you with the CPC and search volume.

Kparser and Keyword Keg are alternatives to which serve a similar purpose.

5. Keywords Everywhere

It is a much lighter and convenient keyword research tool on the list. It works as an extension for your browser. And greatly augments the autocomplete features of YouTube with valuable insights.

6. RapidTags

The tool lets you generate multiple tags related to your topic. Gone back are the days when you used to search through the source code of the page. RapidTags shows the level of engagement needed to rank for a query. One disadvantage is that it offers a limited free version.

7. BetterWayToWeb

Simply put in the URL or topic of your next video and you’ll have the necessary tags. The tool is quite simple to use and works just fine.

8. TagsYoutube

The tool provides you with necessary insights on optimization. And also offers a great variety of tags that you may use.

9. Tags for YouTube

It is an extension that displays the tags for each YouTube video you’ve opened. Also, helps you with a nice overview of any video that is currently ranking on any keyword.

10. YouTube Analytics

It is a native tool offered by YouTube and gives an overview of your channel. You can easily access it from your account. It helps you analyze who your audience is, and what other stuff they enjoy watching.

Source: ConstantContact

You can check the engagement/views of your audience as well. It’s made for people who already have a few videos and want to keep a track of their success.

11. TubeBuddy

Knowing what videos are working for your brand — and which ones don’t — help a lot. This allows you to understand the effect of your current keywords and gain an advantage of future opportunities.

TubeBuddy is the most feature-rich app for optimizing your channel and gaining insights on you to run it more efficiently. You can analyze your stats and also, perform competition research. Further, it allows you to edit your video data — thumbnails, descriptions, and annotations.

12. VidIQ

It is also popularly known as an all-in-one YouTube SEO solution. It provides you with tips on publishing times, suggests influencers to connect with, and much more. A handy browser extension by VidIQ lets you do conductive research over competitors.

13. Tubics

It is quite similar to VidIQ. It provides you with a variety of tools for keyword research, channel audit, and more.

14. Quintly

The tool is not specifically created for YouTube but can be easily integrated. In addition to data on subscribers, watch time, engagement and so on, it provides a convenient reporting feature.

Source: capterra

15. Rival IQ

The following tool provides a full profile of your competitors’ YouTube presence. You can see a track outline of their growth, what works for them, what doesn’t, what tags they use to rank, etc. You can use this information to create more effective video content.

16. NoxInfluencer

The tool not only helps you evaluate your channel but allows you to see best-performing videos in a category or location. This is one USP that makes it indispensable in SEO research.

17. Socialinsider’s YouTube Competitors Analysis Tool

It gives you an in-depth look at the history of ranking and performance of your and your competitor’s feed.

18. YouTube Comment Moderation

Though you may not think of the comments section as an SEO factor, it can have an indirect effect.

Remember, comments can make or break your YouTube channel.

The YouTube comment moderation feature is what you can rely on. It allows you to add filters to automatically deal with inappropriate commenters. With this, you can create a list of “forbidden” words that would quarantine comments incorporating them.

19. Smart Moderation

It does the same “forbidden” thing across several platforms at once. The comments with the respected “forbidden” words aren’t just quarantined but deleted forever with the help of this.

20. Awario

With it, you can easily track your mentions and keywords. Simply enter your video’s URL to set up an alert, and collect linkless mentions that are already a ranking signal for Google. It is a paid tool that starts at $29/month, but you surely can avail of its free trial.

21. Canva

Canva is a freemium graphic design app for those who don’t know how to use Photoshop and other design software. As part of your YouTube SEO efforts, expressing your artistic self can be done through developing channel art and thumbnails to increase your click-through rates. A good & attractive artwork could help you grab an edge over your competitors.

Conclusion: YouTube SEO Tools 2020

YouTubing is now a universal pastime and profitable line of work. This makes video optimization as a skill for every marketer to acquire. In a nutshell, YouTube SEO is neither quick nor easy — however, when mastered, it can prove to be extremely rewarding.

Just remember, YouTube is a content platform for millions of people around the world and your good ranking could be a stepping stone of your success.

Did I miss some SEO tool for YouTube? Feel free to post that in the comments section below.




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