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3 Tips to Reduce Screen Time While You’re WFH

Ways to rediscover your “ME” time

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We all are suffering from lockdown and its been quite a quick shift to admit in our lifestyle. While some love this new WFH culture, there are few of us who struggle due to higher work commitments.

Earlier, a casual workday consisted of commutes, formal meetings, watercooler talks, drive-by chats, coffee breaks, and lunches, we had many opportunities throughout our day to take a break from our screen and detach from this digital realm. But not now. With those natural intervals eliminated, it's hard to take a break from the connection to technology. In particular, video calls add an extra layer of fatigue.

To help reduce your screen time, here are a few strategies that I’ve been using and might be of help to you as well,

1. Take Tech-Free Breaks

You might think that lunch at your computer will be “efficient”, your brain would love a break from the screen. Plus, having lunch with your family can foster your relationship with your family members. If you live alone, you can experiment having lunch over your window, or simply take a book reading break after lunch.

By taking a simple step away from technology will also give you added bonus of perspective. Personally, taking a short lunch of 15 to 20 minutes to simply eat without doing anything else, I feel more peaceful at the end than I did before. Also, I tend to gain a clearer sense of the big picture of my life and work.

2. Don’t Default to Zoom

While Zoom and other video chat apps are wonderful tools to gain those digital in-person interactions, high intensity can cause harm. For instance, if a phone call would work fine for a conversation, use that.

Also, if you are able to efficiently communicate via email or through a shared document, do that. Simply realize that just because you can use video, doesn’t mean you should.

3. Choose Physical Over Digital

To reduce screentime, you can the ‘old-fashioned’, low-tech route as a solution. Brainstorming for a product or an article? Pin down your thoughts on paper. Creating a road map? Sketch the initial draft in a diary. Want to read? Pick up a print copy.

Just think before doing anything. Ask yourself, “Is there a physical way to do this?”, and take it.

Personally, I discover that stepping away from my computer not just makes me a digital break. But also, helps me to be more creative. This split from the digital world hits the refresh button of your brain. Moreover, it helps in creating some separation from your workday and rediscover your personal time.



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