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4 Fundamental Design Elements of a Great Business Logo

A lot has happened in 2020 and while businesses still struggle due to COVID-19, there has a steady rise in digital logo rebrandings. Almost every company is understanding the need and making a shift towards a better and brighter new decade. I am sure that things might not be right for all of us, but soon, we all will recover.

Coming back, here are 4 crucial components that make a logo as a remarkable one,

1. Color

If you already have a primary color that identifies your business, wonderful! If not, this is a major decision. Colors have the ability to conjure up certain feelings or emotions and creating an emotional connection with your audience is one of the keys to building a great brand.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a font for your logo design:

  • Readability: You must consider your different channels and backgrounds where ideally your logo will appear. Certain color combinations can affect readability and this factor alone can impact your brand placement.
  • Stay consistent with your overall brand.
  • Translation: Business logos often must appear in one color or black and white, so it’s important that your design converts well.
  • Meanings of colors: learn a bit about the psychology of color choice.

2. Logo style

Maybe you already have a vision for your logo. Is it simply an icon or a stylistic text representation of your company name? One of the very next things to consider in the logo design process is style.

It’s important to understand that you logo type is what tells unique about your company or product. You can choose from,

Wordmarks (text)

Lettermarks (initials)

Brandmarks (symbols only)

Combination marks (both text and symbols)

Emblems (text inside symbols)

3. Font

If you’re not a designer, you may not have given much thought to fonts in the past, and you might be surprised to find out just how many choices there are. Similar to other components of any business logo, the right font choice should reflect the personality of your company.

Here are some of the standard font types:


Sans Serif




4. Your brand

Your logo reflects your organization’s values and personality. It influences how people perceive your brand and should be designed with your audience’s preferences in mind. If you’ve already developed a brand platform, this will be the foundation of your logo design.

If you are starting from square one, ask yourself these questions to help develop your brand’s personality and determine how you want your audience to perceive your company:

  • Is your brand silly or sophisticated?
  • Masculine or feminine?
  • Peaceful or unreserved?
  • Economical or high end?
  • Youthful or mature?
  • Trendy or classic?


Do your research and take all the factors that we’ve covered into account. A strong logo that reinforces your brand personality sets you apart from the competition and builds credibility and trust with your audience!

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