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About Brand New J

What We Believe

We believe that New Jersey’s history as a world leader in innovation is also its future. To build this future, New Jersey must move from a defensive posture, focused on the retention of legacy industries, to a forward leaning posture that focuses on attracting and growing the world innovation leaders of the future.

What We Do

We identify pro-growth policies that can return New Jersey to its place as a center of innovation. NJ has new leadership under Governor Phil Murphy and we would would like you to join us and take advantage of this opportunity to make an impact. . . .

Meet the Team

We are “Brand New J”, leaders of NJ based growth companies, venture capital, and university innovation centers who are partnering with the new governor to develop policies that will bring NJ to the future we believe it can achieve.

Brand New J: Bringing Innovation Back To New Jersey

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Jay Bhatti

Jay Bhatti

Venture Capitalist Investing In Direct To Consumer

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