And To Think I Saw It At The Phocuswright Show.

with profound apologies to Dr. Seuss.

When I left NYC and flew to LA.

I said to myself,

“Brian, keep your eyelids up

And see what you can see.”

But when I think back about where I’ve been

and what I think I’ve seen,

I think Skift might look and sternly say

“Your eyesight’s much too keen.

Stop telling such outlandish tales

Stop turning minnows into whales.”

So what can I say when I go into Brand New Matter today?

Because all that I noticed, except for my beer,

was a new trip planning site and app at Phocuswright.

That’s nothing to tell of,

That won’t do, for sure…

Just another trip-planner business

that’s found in the App Store?

That can’t be my story. That’s only a start.

I’ll say that the app is native at least

And that is a story that no one would know.

When I say that I saw it at the Phocuswright show.

But I think it’s a shame,

Such a marvelous app,

With a site that’s so tame.

The story would really be better to tweet,

if the site was responsive and really looked sweet!

No… It won’t do at all, this business is small.

The app should use AI to rapidly scale!

And book tours and activities from Zaire to Wales!

Hmm. A trip planning app that’s global in scope.

Say anyone can think of that.

Steve or Brad or Tom or Pat.

Say even Jane could think of that!

But it isn’t too late to make one little change.

Use NLP and blockchain!

Now there’s something strange!

Say that makes a story that no one would know.

When I say that I saw it at the Phocuswright show.

But Hadoop for the data for an app that’s so light?

It would whip it around in the air like a kite!

But it would be really cool

If they spent up in goo-gool!

An app that’s this great needs millions to use it,

I’ll say they’ve been funded and will really prove it.

I’ll bet that this app would be known worldwide!

And to think that I saw it at the Phocuswright show.

No time for more, the train’s almost to Penn!

So I when came into the offices near Herald Square,

And the team looked at me to hear what I’d share,

So they looked at me sternly and frowned from their seats,

“Was there nothing to look at?

..nothing excite you or make your heart beat?

“Nothing”, I said, getting red, all aglow.

But a new trip planning site and app… at the Phocuswright show.”

There are tons of startups out there. I saw some of them at Phocuswright. If you’ve got a new idea that you want to chat with me about, send it!

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