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Augmented Reality

When this project was announced as the last unit, I jumped on a free trial of ZapWorks and started playing around with it. I thought it was pretty awesome that we’d be working with something pretty cool. I was pretty excited about it. I started thinking about what kind of things that I could do with Augmented Reality. My original idea was a greeting card/postcard. As this was before the assignment itself was created, I thought it was a sound idea. But then I realized that it was supposed to be more of a pamphlet situation, so I decided to switch a gears a little. I decided to keep the feel of my original idea but made it more informational, but also kept it fun like a postcard.

So I went ahead and sketched out a new idea on a piece of paper and came up with this. It changed from a holiday greeting card to a pamphlet on Arches National Park while masquerading as a postcard.

Outside of the pamphlet

I also decided to make it a little more fun and throw in a tease for a scavenger hunt and made a bit of a prototype for an app for the hunt. I think with where our tech is right now and where it’s going, including something virtual with it would make a it a bit more fun. The prototype is a shareable XD, well, prototype.

Inside of pamphlet

This is kind of an idea of where I was going with the whole scavenger hunt idea. Each pin drop is a place that would have you look for something cool and then the user would have to snap a photo or something like that and there would be a fact associated with it. I also included a link to a calendar widget in ZapWorks for when the fictional promotional scavenger hunt is to take place.

Scavenger hunt idea.

Originally, I wanted to have like a background music kind of thing or some sort of background audio for the front cover but, I ultimately decided against it as I’m not sure how useful it would have actually been.

I also included a slideshow. This part wasn’t as difficult and coming up with the map situation but, I had a hard time picking out good images for the slideshow. They’re all pretty good. I used Unsplash (each image has an attribution to the photographers, James Lee, Jakob Kohn, Stephen Walker, Solo Travel Goals) and some photos from the Arches website (public domain) and each image was pretty cool.

The final product, I think, came out all right. There are a few things that I wish that I completed a bit earlier but, I needed to get an MVP out there. Something that bothered me a little bit is, because of the way I have the margins and whatnot set up, the printed version gets cut off so I had to find a little bit of a workaround for my test prints until I got it right. I wasn’t too sure how I could fix it seeing as I haven’t printed anything in InDesign in quite sometime.

Finished Product

I think in the end, this project was pretty cool and I will definitely keep practicing with AR.



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