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Goals and Intro

The goal for my podcast, Bombad Podcast, was to discuss particular Star Wars that I found interesting and about the movies themselves with a few friends but, I was only able to get one person on board.

Production Process

So, the way that this production went was myself and my friend each recorded our audio through Audacity and exported the files as WAV so I could further edit them through Adobe Audition. I haven’t touched a DAW since my days in high school so, the process to edit was bit rusty to me so I had take a little bit to review how to do it. Anyway, I got my files and my friend’s files and through them into multitrack view on Audition. I originally wanted to do noise reduction, however, no matter how many settings I applied, my audio tracks came through sounding as if we were underwater and it was not a good sound so I ended up actually cutting out the parts where there was silence in either track. Pretty tedious.

Testing and Iterations

I listened to the first episode that we recorded and decided that it would need a re-record. Gladly, it was the right choice and I think it definitely improved the quality of the podcast. However, we had problems on the second episode. I had caught a cold and it was not as high energy and quality as the first episode. So, we tried to recorded that one a couple times, however, it still came out not as stellar as I had hoped so I took some time listening to find one that sounded the best out of the 3 or 4 takes that we did.

During one of the tests, I went back into to edit in a few clips from the movies that we were talking about. I think I went in and did clips for two of the movies were talking about. I think that helped the quality.


The publishing went pretty smoothly. I was able to get my files mixed down to mp3 at a decent size and bit rate and it sounded pretty good.


In the end, I say it was pretty cool process to go through to create and publish podcasts. I might go back in and a few episodes for the other topics that I didn’t explore, such as the tech show idea.




Web and App Development Student at Utah Valley University

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Brandon Pretelt

Brandon Pretelt

I enjoy coding, playing music and playing games

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