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Brandon Burns
Jul 12, 2016 · 3 min read

Hey, there. If you’re taking a look at my work, here are some things you might want to know about me:

  • I’m a hands-on, director-level Product Designer. While often responsible for both UX and UI, and more than competent creating polished UI, my secret sauce is always going to be in the UX. I have a special knack for mining behavioral data for insights, and using them to uncover the audience’s wants and needs that aren’t being addressed — and designing (or leading a team to design) an elegant solution to address them.
  • The proof: while my portfolio spans the gamut — from apps for Google to the largest pet marketplace in the world — each also has one thing in common: impressive (and measurable) adoption and engagement.
  • Some background…
  • 2004–7: Unlike most Product Designers, I started as a copywriter, honing my human-to-human communication skills while writing commercials at DDB and Leo Burnett in Chicago. My design process, like my career, starts from a place of using human insights to foster connection with, affinity for, and adoption of a product.
  • 2007–9: While at R/GA New York, I was lucky enough to have mentors help me transition to User Experience / Product Design. Special shout outs to Andrew Robinson, who taught me connect the dots between telling a story and leading users through an interface, and Mark Shewmaker for all the nuts and bolts, research and data-driven UX best practices that anchor my approach.
  • 2009–12: As I rose to the ranks of Associate Creative Director at McCann, and Creative Director at BBDO Beijing (an office I helped open), I naturally approached creative leadership from the perspective of both disciplines.
  • 2013–15: I took a break from working for others to launch and run an e-commerce company called Wander&Trade. Holy sh*t that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was worth it to be able to add “entrepreneurial experience” to the list of skill sets.
  • 2016–17: After picking up the pieces of my failed startup, I spent time freelancing as a design lead — both in-house (Venmo), and at agencies (Wieden+Kennedy) and design shops (B-Reel)— where I launched campaigns and technology products for Google, Priceline, MTV, Nestle-Purina, and more.
  • 2017–18: I spent a year as Director of Product Design at MDC agency Doner in Detroit — a very traditional shop, where I had the unique opportunity to start and build a new product design practice from scratch, including new business wins for Quicken Loans, UPS, and more.
  • 2019–present: While Detroit has a lot going for it, my love affair with NYC brought me back home. Before my current role, as Head of Product Design at Havas CX, I had the pleasure of contracting as a design lead with Splice (software for musicians), PayPal (for the launch of Pay with QR), Citi (in-app rewards hub), and more. At Havas, I manage a group of 10 product designers in the creation and management of several products in the health care category. Our largest client engagements are with Abbvie, for which we’ve created and manage the longterm roadmap for a soon-to-launch patient care app / FDA-certified medical device, and Novartis, for whom we’re building out a multi-brand design system to unite patient websites, doctor portals, and other digital properties under a consistent look & feel, and centralized CMS.
  • If you’d like to strike up an email convo, before the @gmail.com, put a “s.b.burns” and that should do the trick.

More at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonburns

Brandon Burns

Cannes Lions & Webby Award-winning Creative Director.