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Brandon Burns
Jul 12, 2016 · 3 min read

User generated content initiatives will always be popular, despite being notoriously difficult to pull off. UGC campaigns often have low participation and engagement — which shouldn’t be hard to imagine, considering most folks don’t want to spend hours upon hours thinking, preparing, shooting and editing video for a contest that they may or may not win.

MTVBump did the impossible — averaging over 7000 submissions per day at its peak, we fixed the main problem with UGC user flows, and won the 2016 Webby for Technical Achievement in the process.

MTV Bump won the 2016 Webby Award for Technical Achievement.

A New User Journey

The goal was simple: make it as easy as possible for viewers to submit a video “bump” — those quick, usually nonsensical little videos that MTV plays during commercial breaks — which MTV would then broadcast on live TV.

While users were more than welcome to create an original video submission, the big innovation here is that they didn’t have to do any of that work at all. They didn’t have to lift one finger. All the had to do was simply add the hashtag #mtvbump to a video they’ve already posted to Instagram or Twitter, and they would be automatically sent a direct message with a release form to digitally sign and officially confirm their entry into the contest. Magic!

Not only did we build the technology needed to achieve this condensed user flow — by allowing people to magically submit a video by simply adding a #hashtag to an existing one — we also connected the online submission portal to MTV’s broadcast television feed, creating a seamless backend system for getting “winning” videos on air. Because there was so little to manage on the backend, literally any user who made a submission that didn’t break the rules was a winner. With this feature, we we able to communicate that all users could be winners — with the prize of getting your “bump” video aired on broadcast television across Europe — which helped to increase user motivation and submission numbers even more.

A television commercial for MTVBump in the UK.

”MTV’s rebranding is messy, distracting, and possibly perfect for post-millennials.” — Forbes

At, you can see all the submissions that are in queue to make it onto broadcast airwaves, as well as make more submissions yourself. The popularity of the platform — with over 1 million submissions since launch — has led to more tools to edit and graphics to your videos, and have complete creative control.

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Mobile Screenshots

A Sampling of User Submissions

Brandon Burns

Cannes Lions & Webby Award-winning Creative Director.

Brandon Burns

Cannes Lions & Webby Award-winning Creative Director. Product & User Experience Design @ R/GA, BBDO & Wieden+Kennedy.

Brandon Burns

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Cannes Lions & Webby-winning Creative Director. Advertising copywriter, turned tech-driven product designer, turned hybrid creative leader.

Brandon Burns

Cannes Lions & Webby Award-winning Creative Director. Product & User Experience Design @ R/GA, BBDO & Wieden+Kennedy.