We’re All Minorities

Thoughts on human nature during a tragedy.

For every person on my news feed grieving, there’s another in a different social circle, rejoicing. Algorithms prevent us from seeing each other, and our personal preferences reinforce the walls the algorithms build; walls that would exist either way. Meanwhile, we continue preaching to our respective choirs, while unseen others drum up support for an army of opposing sermons.

No guns; more guns. Blame ISIS; blame muslims. Hate crime; act of terror.

We all end up minorities. There is no majority of people calling for a ban on guns. There is no majority of people calling for “eliminating radical Islam,” whatever that would entail. And there is no majority of people concerned about the livelihood of minorities to which they don’t belong.

Still, we’re all minorities just the same, each foolishly believing that our opinions are gospel that, if we shout loud enough, everyone else will hold to be true.

But then somehow, along the way, the foolishness can lead to change. Minorities can grow into majorities. Politicians can be pressured. Laws can get passed. Courts can step in. And sometimes, love can win.

The whole thing makes my head spin. But I believe in the system.

Besides, what’s the alternative?