Introducing Navigation for Brandpad.

As navigation has been one of our most requested features, it’s a pleasure to finally announce that as of today, navigation, table of contents, jump-to-links (+ more) are available for all brands in Brandpad.

Providing the tools to create usability.

Since we launched in January, Brandpad has been on a mission to help designers & their clients get the most out of the identities they design. This starts with giving identities a proper format to live in — as well as giving people frictionless access to their brand identities and material. Providing designers with the tools to make their brand guidelines as user-friendly for their clients as possible is a big part of that. This is where the new navigational features come in. As identities delivered with our system grow bigger and bigger, it’s become apparent for both our designers and us that for people to get the most out of their guidelines, it’s vital to give them a way of finding the material they need as quickly as possible. Today we are happy to announce that several navigational options are available in the system — ready to be customized to fit your brands needs.

Setting anchors.

When we sat down to draw up how we could provide navigation without having to force designers into a set way of building a layout, it became apparent that we needed a way of letting designers add navigational landing points wherever they saw fit.

To achieve this, we decided on making anchors; hidden lines that turn an entire row into a landing point for a link. Whether you call these “jump-to’s” or “anchors,” they now work as the base functionality to create navigation in your guidelines.

Adding navigation.

When the anchors are added — many or few — you can bundle these to create a navigation that suits the brand you’re working on. I.e., this can be a linked table of contents that helps people go straight to their desired section from the beginning of the guideline. And, the anchors can be gathered in a classic hamburger menu (with styling options from your brands Presets). You can provide quick-links from running text, create a footer-menu with ‘back to top’ functions and alternatively, provide clients or partners with direct links to sections from other systems (or when emailing, etc.). As usual, you can style these option to work and look different based on what you think suits the specific brand. All brands are unique, after all.

Ready to go.

This feature is open and accessible for all brand guidelines and accounts in Brandpad, now and in the future. You can try it out immediately by logging in and edit a guideline from your dashboard. You can also have a look at how we used these features for our own brand guideline. Enjoy!

Brandpad is made for designers and studios that are passionate about how identities adapt and grow, live and prosper. If our system sounds like something you and your clients can benefit from, we welcome you to sign up and try it out for free at