The Brandpad Private Entry Program — Release Notes v0.9.

With the 0.9 release, we are excited to announce that Brandpad have officially launched the Private Entry Program. Somehow this feels both too late and too early at the same time.

Introducing Brandpad v0.9.

, for those who don’t know, is a brand guidelines system where designers can create a fully digital brand guideline, complete with collaborative features and asset management, all after their own design. It’s a platform made by and for designers who wants to create, hand-over and maintain visual identity projects for clients in a professional and functional way.

The Private Entry Program.

The PEP is our closed pilot program. Over the last month, we have onboarded a series of designers and studios into our system to get help in prioritizing our product development. Before anything else, we want to give a huge thanks to everyone that have helped us shape the product this far. Now, with the v0.9 release, we are ready to ramp up the program and take on even more designers. Here are some of the features we’d like to highlight which is available in this release:

  • The canvas. Our real-time, web-based editor where you create and present your content the way you want it.
  • Brand dashboard. One place for all your identity projects — old or new. With the dashboard you can organize and access all your brand projects easily.
  • Templates. Don’t feel like starting a new guideline from scratch? No problem, you can skip a few steps by using on of our templates. Just swap out the assets, re-structure your layout and add your own identity specifications to make it unique.
  • Invite collaborators & clients. You can have as many team members under your account as you please. In addition to that, you can also invite collaborators (i.e other studios) to help you build a guideline or add content. If you want to invite your client, we accommodate that too.
  • Branded URLs & Custom Domain. When you publish the guideline, you and your client will have everything about the brand—from logos and assets to specifications and guides—on one, easy-to-use and hard-to-loose link.
  • Color Palette. The color palette is a quick way to generate a color palette showcase, complete with rgb / cmyk / and hex codes. This feature is still in beta, but the aim is to iterate this further and create similar modules for other use cases.
  • Interactive Images. Sometimes it’s hard to show the thoughts behind a brand element. The Interactive Images is an easy way to let users see the ‘thought process’ by changing between images on mouseover events.

Next steps.

As designers ourselves, our main drive behind making Brandpad has been to cut time needed to deliver a proper digital guideline in a way that makes sure clients actually use it. Right now you can craft and publish a custom designed, web-based brand guideline in less than an hour (average time is 51 minutes) without the help of a developer. It’s not perfect, and even though we still have a lot of work to do — it gets the job done. Going forward, we will continue the work on UX/UI, enhancing live features, continue to bring in new ones, and add functionality that helps with larger brands. We rely on your ideas to take the next step and we are hoping the feedback and usage from you will help us bring this product up to the standard we’re envisioning.

Fitting for you?

Brandpad is made for designers and studios that are passionate about how identities adapt and grow, live and prosper. If our system sounds like something you and your clients can benefit from, we welcome you to signup for the beta program through .

All the best,
– Jørgen BM, CTO @ Brandpad


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