The official launch of Brandpad.

Today, on the 8th of January 2018, we are officially taking Brandpad out of our pilot program and opening up for everyone. It feels both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

It’s been a year.

Almost one year ago we set out to scratch our own itch when we decided to launch a dedicated brand guidelines system for designers. Little did we know that within the year had passed, we would have a product with thousands of studios on the user list, including a lot of the studios we find the most inspiring. We are humbled, to say the least.

For those of you who don’t know us, Brandpad is a brand guidelines system made by and for designers. It’s a platform made for designers who want to create, hand over and maintain brand identity projects in a professional and functional way. Brandpad is where your (and your clients) brands can live and prosper. As a designer or studio, you’ll have one place for all the brands you work on. By using our real-time guideline design system to design the brand guideline directly in the browser, the result will be a tailor-made, publishable brand website — after your design. Your client will have everything regarding their brand, from logos and assets to specifications and guides, all on one, easy-to-use and hard-to-loose link. This cloud-based guideline will be available for you, your client, their partners and everyone you choose, whenever and where ever they are.

Thanks, pilots & friends.

We’ve spent the last three months in a pilot and beta program together with our pilot customers, and now we are finally ready to officially open shop. It’s time for us to take the next step forward. I want to express a huge gratitude towards everyone who has helped us this far; you have all made this into a great and pleasant experience for us. On behalf of the team I also have to give a very special shout out to the people at Emerson Stone, Karoline & Designit, the Matchstic crew, the guys at Pentagram, Drake & Principle, Scandinavian Design Group, Marius & Snøhetta, IN, Jonas, Steven, Anders, Kjell, Arthur, Ivar, Jaak, and everyone else who’s given us their time some way or another. We still have a long way to go, but because of you all, we are getting closer to our vision every day.

Going forward.

Now starts the real work. Our product is still in its early stages and we look forward to evolving it from here. We have gathered a lot of feedback and ideas over the last couple of months, and even though we released a lot of the functions during the beta period, I think it’s safe to say that most features are still to come. Nonetheless, we are glad to invite you all to join us on the journey to revolutionize how visual identities live and prosper. If you want to try it out (for free), you can sign up through

On behalf of the Brandpad team,
Thank you, and welcome.