The typography showcase month.

As more and more design studios make Brandpad part of their process, we’re lucky to see great new brands come to life every day. While we equally enjoy every single part of a brand identity, the font is one of those things that always seem to spark a great conversation.

Sep 2, 2019 · 4 min read

4 weeks, 4 typefaces.

As a result of this everlasting source of inspiration, we’ve decided to do our part in celebrating the craft of type design — and the foundries that bring us the goods. So, this September, we’re initiating what we call the ‘Typography showcase month’ at Brandpad.

The Brandpad identity is rather minimalistic and relies heavily on Graphik by Commercial Type. In September, however, we’ll set our type guidelines aside and use our website to showcase different typefaces. Starting today, will be shaken up with a new font every seven days until October 1st. We’re hoping this will help showcase the importance of type design and the effect it has on a visual identity. Also, simply put, it’s just plain fun.

Gangster Grotesk by Fresh Fonts/Pizza Typefaces

Gangster Grotesk (02–09 September)

To initiate this, we’re starting with one of our newly found likes from a new supplier; Fresh Fonts. It’s named Gangster Grotesk and is made by Adrien Midzic of Pizza Typefaces. It was released in April and is a contemporary typeface that combines a sharp contrast with angled terminal strokes that curve just a little bit inwards. It draws inspiration from the 1920s heydays of the American gangsters and is designed to do wonders both in print and on-screen. You can visit Freshfonts and Pizza Typefaces for more info.

Styrene (& images) by Commercial Type.

Styrene (09–16 September)

Probably familiar to many, Styrene is a sans serif by Berton Hasebe and Ilya Ruderman for Commercial Type. It’s described as an exploration of proportion and simplicity in type design. Styrene is characterized by its proportions: typically narrow characters like f, j, r and t are hyperextended and flattened, adding openness in unexpected places.

Reader by The Entente & Colophon. Images by Allinthename.

Reader (16–23 September)

Reader is a neo-grotesque typeface designed by The Entente for Colophon. Originally referenced from an RSPB letter dating 1972, then re-drawn and the proportions re-balanced, allowing it to shift into a neo-grotesque genre. It was released in 2009 and extended in 2018. Check out The Entente and Colophon for more information.

Favorit by Dinamo.

Favorit (23–30 September)

This showcase ends on September 30th and with Favorit, described as “a straightforward low-contrast grotesque” that combines a rigid drawing with subtle oddities and a humorous touch. It was designed by Johannes Breyer & Fabian Harb and is released for Dinamo. Learn more about Dinamo here and check out the Favorit family.

See the impact.

We’ll keep updating this section with screengrabs of the different fonts and its effect on our brand. Meanwhile, if you want to see the specimens in action, you can visit

Favorit by Dinamo Typefaces.

Left: Graphik (our original typeface). Right: Favorit.
Favorit, paragraphs on

Reader Pro by Colophon Foundry.

Left: Graphik (our original typeface). Right: Reader Pro.
Reader Pro, paragraphs on

Styrene by Commercial Type.

Left: Graphik (our original typeface). Right: Styrene.
Styrene, paragraphs on

Gangster Grotesk by FreshFonts.

Left: Graphik (our original typeface). Right: Gangster Grotesk.
Gangster Grotesk, paragraphs on


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Brandpad is where brands live and prosper. We write about things we think and lessons we learn while building a dedicated format for brands.

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