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We launched our community and accelerator program on the belief that redefining capitalism requires that more entrepreneurs have access to innovative thinkers, visionary creators, leading-edge services, and resources that are typically out of reach. In short, you shouldn’t have to give up equity or 3 months of your life in order to accelerate your business.

After a few good laps around the park, we are more excited about the future of entrepreneurialism than ever before. And we are just getting started.

Join us in 2021.

Together We Are:

  • 270+ companies, representing 24 countries, and 28 industries- and growing
  • Powerful women and men ranging in age from 21–81
  • Multi-ethnic
  • Parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, and nieces
  • People with no business experience who have a great idea
  • Former corp execs who left that world to make a difference
  • Seasoned entrepreneurs with previous exits under their belt
  • Major disruptors who’ve helped to change government policy
  • People who fund businesses that take care of the planet and all the creatures on it

Together We Span:

  • Raw ideas that are taking form and being validated
  • Startup businesses that have just entered the market
  • Companies that are operationalizing in prep to scale
  • Organizations that are leading their fields
  • Brands that are leading their market

Together We Work In:

  • Tech
  • Organic & Regenerative Farming
  • Food & Beverage
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Climate Protection & Adaptation
  • Social Justice & DEI
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Civic Engagement
  • Peacebuilding
  • Sustainable Housing & Communities
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Social Services
  • Collaborative Games
  • Personal Development
  • Nano Technology
  • Community Building
  • Digital & CryptoCurrency
  • Media
  • Design & Product Innovation
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Reputation Management
  • Web Development
  • Fin Tech
  • Law, Finance & Accounting
  • Venture Capital
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Education
  • Organizational Design
  • Management Consulting

Together We Have:

  • Won major awards for doing good
  • Appeared on major network broadcasts
  • Been featured in print media
  • Been invited to speak at institutions that are shaping the world
  • Secured venture capital
  • Captured the interest of large public corporations
  • Attracted some of the best and brightest to work with us
  • Designed a revolutionary worker-owned business structure
  • Prevented the outbreak of violence
  • Introduced a disruptive model that makes top tier legal services affordable
  • Built campaigns and helped good businesses cut through the clutter
  • Been installed on the Advisory Board for BCorp in Europe
  • Been invited to teach and create graduate curriculum at colleges and universities

Together We Are Making Sure That:

  • Families with kids can create abundance by learning about money together
  • Work stays in India and families are empowered and nourished
  • Kids have skills they can use
  • It’s easy for families to travel
  • Supply chains are sustainable
  • People have access to tools to build financial wealth
  • Cooperative games become the norm
  • Non-profits & corporations have tools to harness the power of volunteers
  • Awareness is raised about living with blindness
  • Low-Income communities have access to healthy fast food
  • Endangered species are protected and do not go extinct
  • People everywhere know how to adapt to Climate Change
  • Communities of color break cycles of poverty
  • We see beauty through a different lens
  • Senior citizens and medical patients can move about and engage in life
  • Fortune 500 corporations are meaningful places to work
  • Nanotechnology is used to protect the environment in new ways
  • Philanthropy is something that everyone can participate in
  • Communities have the right tools to solve important challenges
  • Media is diverse and reflective of today’s world culture
  • New ways to create and share value are available to the masses
  • Public institutions share stories about how they serve their communities
  • The world learns about the brilliance of Black Americans
  • Social businesses have access to cutting edge legal services
  • Farms are organic, and local food supply is secure
  • Youth are engaged in civil discourse
  • There is an alternative to processed sugar in stores
  • Small businesses can be seen on major online channels
  • The stories behind social businesses get told
  • The public social service system can better serve kids and families
  • People can make phone calls during emergencies and at critical times
  • Companies have access to capital
  • Violent extremism doesn’t prevent good businesses from growing
  • Access to Exec level talent is affordable
  • Brands can produce good content quickly at fractions of the normal cost
  • The next generation of social entrepreneurs have the knowledge and skills they need
  • And more…

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COMMON is a creative accelerator and community for social businesses and projects. We help entrepreneurs build, launch, and promote products and ideas that take care of the planet and all the creatures on it.


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COMMON Collection

A creative accelerator for social businesses and projects. We're working to build international excitement, conversation and action around entrepreneurialism