KML Merger

J Denney
J Denney
Nov 18, 2018 · 1 min read

Have you ever tried to merge KML map layers together? For some reason, a lot of the free mapping tools don’t have a simple, easy, intuitive way to merge layers together. So, in response, I made to hopefully save others hours of needless pain.

In my case, I needed to merge my many different KML files into a single layer such that I could use a free tool for creating a heatmaps.

I’m curious to hear about others experiences and pain points of working with KML files. Currently, doesn’t support KMZ files, but I could be convinced to add that support if enough folks need it.

Brass Monkery

Brass Monkery is a collective of remote software developers focused on utilizing technical skills and minimalistic design to improve the lives of others in an ethical, sustainable, and sometimes humorous fashion.

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