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SoundSnooze for MacOS

I don’t have a Premium Spotify account, so I get to endure the same repetitive ads over and over. While I don’t mind hearing a few ads, it’s a little much when it’s the same exact ad back to back. So, I got in the habit of muting the volume to avoid them but I also have the habit of getting distracted and forgetting to unmute.

My girlfriend, offended with me acting like I couldn’t hear her in my headphones when I was actually listening to silence, suggested making an app that would automatically mute and unmute the volume for me.

And so, Sound Snooze was born. By pressing “Command + Control + Z”, you can mute your volume for a configurable number of seconds.

A future upgrade I’m thinking of adding is the ability to customize the keyboard shortcut, on top of the ability to add multiple shortcuts each with their own snooze time. That way you could have one for Spotify and another for Youtube.

Feedback welcome!



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