Improvement: Cash Inflow and Outflow

Monitor your business’ finances and strategize better

Looking to boost revenue growth? Curious to know the biggest contributors to your business’ cash inflow and outflow? With the dashboard upgrade, you can now see which of your clients has brought in the most money for your business and what you have spent the most money on within a certain time frame.

The line graph

To get more detail on your top contributors to cash inflow and outflow, a line graph is included as a visual representation of each payee or recipient’s contribution to the general amount.

How is this useful?

  • By having an accurate depiction of what your biggest earners and spenders are like, you will be able to better strategize on how best to pivot your business to earn more revenue.
  • It helps you identify businesses that are not spending as much and you can use this to engage them to be more active in your business.
  • Your highest inflows tell you what you’re doing right and you can reward their loyalty with targeted perks and bonuses. Your highest outflows tell you what the company funds are being spent on and help you identify ways to manage costs and expenses to retain profit.




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