Multiple Business Support

Are you an entrepreneur with more than one business? To make it easier for you to manage your finances across multiple businesses, we have made it possible to manage more than one business from your Brass dashboard

Now, you don’t need to log out before you can access your other business(es) accounts. You can link and switch multiple business accounts without having to log out of Brass.

How it works

In terms of registration, you can either have the same registered email or different registered emails for multiple accounts. Either way, you can link the accounts together for easier access.

How to link your multiple businesses

  • Log in to your first business’ account with your registered email and password
  • Authenticate your account with the OTP
  • Navigate to the top-left corner of the page where the business name and profile are shown.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow that appears and select Switch business
  • On the page that pops up, fill in the required login credentials of the business account you want to link
  • Verify new business account with OTP

You have now successfully linked the accounts and can now switch between them without having to log out/in.

Additional things to note

Because you have linked your main account’s email address to multiple businesses, when the OTP is requested for authentication, all businesses and their avatars will be shown.



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