My Beef with the Business Model Canvas (with Free Download)

I was sick of it, so I made a better one

TLDR: I redesigned the business model canvas so it is easier to use: download link here.

So the business model canvas, you’ve probably seen, or you should put some plastic down because your head is about to explode.

It’s an amazing tool that sums up an entire new startup idea in one sheet of paper.

But. It. Is. Also. Insane.

Here’s what it looks like:

Now any sane person would just start on the left, and work there way to the right, then do the bottom two “Cost Structure” and “Revenue Streams” sections. But that is actually INCORRECT.

You are supposed to work from right to left (like a crazy person)

So I fixed it so they are in order, and there are clear instructions:

Feel free to download and use in place of the generic business model canvas. Thanks! (I appreciate attribution :D)

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