About Valor

Valor’s Beginning

At the start of Brave, our founders had a vision: they wanted Brave to be big to eventually create real change and make an impact wherever the company took them. Throughout their company journey, their vision has largely stayed the same, however the steps to achieve it have changed. Along the way, conversations with potential customers, market research, and advice from mentors shaped Brave’s grand vision and product. All of these factors have led them to their product now: Valor.

Valor’s History

Valor is the product of years of planning, design, and hard work. Here is its history for you to better understand the product itself, but also how it came to be what it is today.

First, in creating Valor, our team had to develop the electronics: they bought off-the-shelf parts to get an idea of the product, then they used 3D printers to print out parts of the suit.

“3D printers allowed us to be creative with our design — we were not limited in any way,” said William Kodama, Brave’s CEO, in an interview.

Their design, however, took time to perfect. Dhyey Parikh, Brave’s COO, designed countless iterations of the module before arriving to the Valor of today.

“We have over a thousand of iterations of just the exoskeleton — we paid attention to how it fits on your body and what everything would look like,” said Dhyey.

The actual motion capture began from the development of the exoskeleton. The team worked with CAD software for 3D printing to create models where the motion capture sensor would be held by the electronics. The process for the motion capture was similar to the exosuit: Dhyey made many iterations, the team conducted tests, and sometimes, prints failed. However, 3D printing was a great process for prototyping and development — the team frequently utilized the 3D printers in the libraries at the University of Virginia to aid their development process of the suit.

The fabrics and outer casing of the product came last in the design process. At first, the team was unsure of what the outside of Valor would look like. Fabrics are an integral part of the product and Brave’s team eventually landed on high-quality yet comfortable medical-grade Velcro to complete the physical product. The process to finalize a material was a journey of its own through constantly engaging with mentors that had experience in manufacturing to perusing the material aisles at JoAnn’s Fabrics & Crafts.

Valor’s Future

In the future, our team wants to reimagine motion capture — one form of Valor will be smart clothing with sensors embedded in day-to-day clothing. Read our blog about the transformative effects of smart clothing here.

Brave also sees a future with extended reality for athletes to enjoy a virtual world for all of their training needs. Read our blog about Valor and extended reality here to learn more about the qualities of an immersive, virtual experience for athletes.

At the end of our interview, William said, “we want to improve people’s lives; we want to improve humanity as a whole. Of course, we would like to give back to our employees, thank our mentors who have helped us along the way, and give back to the partners who have devoted time to helping us develop a product.”

Valor’s future is rich with the potential to capture brave new worlds. Brave’s mission will guide the team far and wide in search of these new worlds and they will touch the lives of many with their product, Valor.

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Interested investors, reach out to our CEO William Kodama: wskodama@bravevirtual.com

Written and edited by Julia Duarte. Julia is a second year at the University of Virginia, intending to study Global Public Health and English. She’s interested in world-changing technologies that make an impact on humanity on a global scale. Driven by her passion for writing, she helps Brave spread their message: motion capture made accessible. In her free time, she enjoys journaling and watching episodes of The Blacklist.



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