2nd Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition Sale

Thank you for your continued support for BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES.

We are pleased to announce the sale of the 2nd “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition”.

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Introduction “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition”

This is a special NFT in which the display of NFTs on the on-chain will be “Pixel Animation” as opposed to the current static images.
In addition, the “Collector’s Edition” comes with a “background/frame associated with the attribute”.

It is issued by BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES’ own contract.

Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition

As mentioned above, the thumbnails of BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES units will be “Pixel Animation” when they are displayed in secondary distribution marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and other blockchain games.

Please refer to the details below for more information.

Introduction of the 2nd Sale

As before, sales will be made from the following accounts.

In addition, there are some changes from the previous sale. You can find a summary of the changes at the bottom of this article.

Sales period: April 15th, 3:00 pm ~ (UTC).


Unit name: Legendary Thief Zelnite
Sale price: 3ETH
Issue: 1


Unit name: Ocean Slasher Holia, Heavenly Claymore Dolk
Sale price: 0.7ETH
Issue: 1 each


Unit name: Holy Saint Charla, Lion Princess Sonia
Sale price: 0.3ETH
Issue: 1 each


Unit name: Flash Knight Jed, War Demon Vishra
Sale Price: 0.1ETH
Issue: 1 each

Points to note

・There is no difference in performance as a unit in the game of BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES.

・We may change how to sell, where we sell, and so on after considering the sale result.

・We will mint on the BFH contract and sell each unit one by one on Rarible. Please understand that all units start to sell at the same time from April 15th, 12 am.

・” Certificate” will be created the name who transfer “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition” for the first time. For example, imagine Alice buys it and sells it to Bob on Ethereum and Bob transfers it to BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES. Then, Bob gets the “Certificate” of the unit.

What we change

Below are the changes that will be applied from this sale.

Thank you for your understanding.

1. Change the number of issues

In the previous announcement, we announced that we would be selling the “top 5%” as the “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition”, but we will be selling “one of each unit”.

This change was made in consideration of the scarcity of NFT art and the balance of supply in the future.

2. Change in unit price

The price has been changed to reflect the change in the number of issues. Currently, only “Limited Legendary” will be sold at auction.

3. Revisit the transition to the external display of past units

In order to maximize the value of the upcoming “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition”, we will be reconsidering the transfer of previously sold units.

Producer Letter

Hi, everyone.
I’m Kengo, producer of BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES.

Today, we announce the 2nd sale of “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition”. This time, there are some points changed, and let me explain more in Producer Letter.

There are 3 points changed.

Firstly, we decided only one unit in each character will be on sale.
This is because we need to value up the “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition” as NFT art.

Second, following the change of issue, we changed the sale price.

These two points mean that “Issue decreases and sale price goes up”. We will continue to develop aiming for a value up “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition” as the NFT art including the 1st sale units.

Thirdly, we decided to revisit transferring to “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition” of units that are already sold. This is because units’ price that is already sold are far from what we set this time, and we need to avoid new NFT art from valuing down.
We are positively considering the transition from the current original image display to the pixel animation display, but we would appreciate it if you could wait for an announcement on this as well.

Our new unit, “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition” will be the most prestigious factor in BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES. I hope you’ll understand and walk with us to the future.

Thank you.

*The content is subject to be changed.


website: https://bravefrontierheroes.com
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