Beginners Guide to Playing Brave Frontier Heroes!

So you have finally successfully downloaded and logged into BFH, an exciting adventure awaits!

First let’s cover some basic terminologies that will help you get adjusted!


There are 6 different rarities of Units, each with a different limit of how far it can be leveled up

  1. Legendary- Level cap of 100
  2. Epic- Level cap of 90
  3. Rare- Level cap of 80
  4. Uncommon- Level cap of 70
  5. Common- Level cap of 60
  6. Novice- Level cap of 40

In addition, each Unit has an element associated with it. Check the chart below for effects:


Sphere are items that can be earned from Quests, Title Matches, or purchased from the Marketplace. Let’s take a closer look at the types!

Original Spheres

Once updated these types of items can be leveled up and also traded on the Market via the blockchain.

There is 6 different rarities to Original Spheres with varying level caps:

  1. Legendary- Level cap of 100
  2. Epic- Level cap of 90
  3. Rare-Level cap of 80
  4. Uncommon-Level cap of 70
  5. Common-Level cap of 60
  6. Novice

Replica Spheres

Replica Spheres are copies of original spheres, once equipped they will expire after a certain amount of time. Furthermore, Replica Spheres cannot be leveled up nor sold on the market.

Replicas have there own rarities: Rep S, .Rep A, .Rep B, .Rep C, .Rep D, .Rep E, .Rep F

Your First Party

After completing the tutorial you’ll gain your first 3 Units on the house:

  • Fire Beast Zegar
  • Dragoon Zephu
  • Holy Queen Luna

Let’s break down further the icons and what they mean:

  • Pink hearts — this represents your Stamina. Once exhausted you can no longer play Quest or participate in Tournaments.
  • Gold coin — This is your current amount of ZEL(In game currency)
  • Envelope — Messages, actions and announcements can be found here
  • Avatar- Your Profile which shows your player name, ID, Invite Code and Assets
  • My Party — The Units you have in your current party

The bottom Navigation Bar contains the other areas of Brave Front Heroes.

  • Home
  • Quest
  • Arena
  • Assets
  • Market


Within the current Quests available you’ll fight against enemies to earn EXP for your Units. Additionally Original, as well as Replica Spheres may “drop”; you may even be lucky enough to pick up a Legendary Sphere! Keep in mind that stamina (those little pink hearts) are required to enter battles.

Once selecting the Quest you wish to enter, you’ll then prepare for battle!

  • Party Edit — Edit the Units which will go on a quest
  • Difficulty level — Ranging from 1 star to 5 stars
  • Know your Enemy!
  • Back Story on the Quest you’re about to Embark on

By selecting Party Edit you can

  • Decide which Units to use
  • What Spheres to attach to each Unit (max of 2)
  • The Placement of the Units

By clicking on the clicking on a Unit’s picture you can

  • View all stats
  • Change the Spheres attached
  • Change the order of the Skills used in battle

There are 3 different Skills

  1. Sphere Skill — The action associated with the equipped Sphere.
  2. Art Skill — A skill based on the attached Art; you can change the Art to anything that you would like. Experiment to see what skills become available to you!
  3. Brave Burst — A special move that every unit has. This move will activate once all conditions are met.

Arena (PvP)

The arena is where all Player vs. Player (PvP), one on one matches takes place.

Title Match

An official PvP event held by BFH. Players have 10 Battle Points (BP) every 24 hours to use. Becoming higher Ranked on the leaderboard rewards better spheres or titles.

Player Match

A place where you can enjoy battles using your assets with other players. Create your own private or public lobbies to battle against your friends. There are two different types of lobbies

League Rules

  • All participants fight each other one time.
  • The Winner gets 3 points, Loser 0 point and 1 point goes to both players in the event of a tie
  • Player with highest point total wins
  • 12 players can join at most.


  • Team Battle! One team can consist of 5 players maximum.
  • You can set the order of your team.
  • Winner remains and battles the next opponent.
  • 10 players can join at most.


The Assets menu contains all information regarding the Units or Spheres you’ve purchased or earned. “Composition” should be of particular interest.

Composition is where players can fuse either original or replica spheres with an Original Sphere to increase its level. First decide which Original Sphere to Fuse.

Next click all the Spheres you would like it to Fuse it with. Depending on the rarity of the Sphere the amount of EXP associated will vary. By leveling up a Sphere its overall stats will increase.


The Brave Frontier Heroes Marketplace has 4 components


Here you can summon (purchase) a new Unit for your team. Each Unit has a sale period and stock quantity is limited.


The Prime Program is a monthly subscription service giving many perks to players:

  • Increase the overall limit of Stamina
  • Increase the number of recovering Stamina from 1 to 2!
  • Increase EXP that you receive from Quests
  • Increase the number of Units in your Party
  • Right to access EXP Exchange
  • Access to higher ranked Quests
  • Early access to Unit sales
  • Personal Invite code
  • Export/Mint NFTs at a reduced price
  • Right to challenge in special PvP event
  • Receive God Blade Mifune (Novice unit) when you join Prime for the first time.
  • Receive Flesh Armor (Novice Sphere) when you join Prime for the first time.

Players can join via ETH or credit card for either 0.035 ETH or $4.99 per month.

EXP Exchange

Exclusive to those only in the Prime Program. Its contains two features that add more elements to gameplay and can give you an edge.


Players can buy EXP for their Units with ZEL to help increase their level

Sell Replica Spheres

Sell Replica Spheres for ZEL


The Trade menu is where players can sell Units and Original Spheres for ZEL.

Be sure to check out our Youtube Channel found here for other guides, tips, and hints to Brave Frontier Heroes!

We hope this beginner guide helps you familiarize yourself with Brave Frontier Heroes!



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