【BFH】The change of Producer

As of February 1, 2021, the producer of “Brave Frontier Heroes” will be replaced by Masuyama.

Producer Letter from Matsuya

Dear Players. Thank you for the last six months!

“We will make Burehiro a model case of NFT x IP!”

That is what I said in my mission statement, and I have been pushing forward.
As the price of ETH has just skyrocketed, we have been creating a path where there is no path, through trial and error, to make BCG more accessible and enjoyable.

There are some things that we wanted to achieve, but I believe that I was able to “join the community and enjoy the game”.

I think I was able to all things because of the warm support of the players! Once again, thank you very much.

The new producer, Masuyama, is a former producer of My Crypto Heroes, and he has been responsible for the marketing efforts of double jump.tokyo, especially the collaboration.
Now that he’s in charge of MCH+, I’m sure he’ll be able to bring some new energy to the table!

As a game player, I will continue to enjoy playing BFH together with you. I will continue to enjoy playing BFH with you as a game player, and I look forward to your continued support!

Producer Letter from Massu

It’s nice to meet you, BreHiro members.
My name is Masuyama, and I’m the new BFH producer.

When I was the producer of MCH, I was known as Mappy to the users.

As Matsutani mentioned, I was the producer of MCH and the marketing manager of double jump.tokyo.
With these experiences, I will do my best to provide BFH users with an unprecedented experience in the area of IP x NFT.

Since I also became the general producer of MCH+ at the same time, I will actively promote collaboration with other blockchain games.

In the upcoming roadmap broadcast, we will tell you about our future direction. Please come to Youtube and let’s open up the future of blockchain games and NFT together.
We look forward to working with you!



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