Announcement of the implementation of the Gift function

We would like to inform you about the Gift function that will be implemented after the maintenance on March 18.

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Implementation date:
March 18, 2021, after maintenance

Gift function

The Gift function allows you to send an Original Unit/Original Sphere to a specified player ID or ETH address.

※It is not possible to gift a territory certificate.

※Novice Units/Spheres cannot be gifted.

Gift fee

The following fees will be charged per Gift.

Prime Member: 50ZEL
Non-Prime Member: 100ZEL

※You can give one Original Unit or Original Sphere per Gift.

Points to note

・You can’t gift, transfer, or trade newly acquired assets (including what you get as Gifts) for 24 hours.

・Original Units/Original Spheres that are organized into parties for in-game content cannot be gifted.

・If you use the following contents, you will not be able to gift them for 24 hours after use.

Frontier Gate
Title Match
Total War

・Units cannot be Gifted during the sales period.

How to Gift

①From the Assets tab, enter the details page of the asset you want to gift, and tap the “Gift” menu item.

②Enter the destination player ID or ETH address, and click the “Confirm” button.

③On the confirmation screen, check the Gift contents and recipient, and if everything is okay, tap the “OK” button. Your Gift is now complete.

※Once the OK button is clicked, you cannot cancel. Please be careful.

※You can also gift the Sphere in the same way.

We hope you find it useful for your user events!

※The content of the presentation may be subject to change.

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