About “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition”, a special NFT for “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES”

We’d like to introduce you to the “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition”, a one-of-a-kind NFT from “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES”.


“BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” is a blockchain game that combines “My Crypto Heroes”, the world’s No.1 blockchain game, and “BRAVE FRONTIER”, which has been downloaded 38 million times worldwide.

This is a new style of online game in which the characters and items of “BRAVE FRONTIER” become the assets of the player through blockchain technology.


“BRAVE FRONTIER” is a full-fledged RPG that was launched on July 3, 2013, where players aim to become the strongest summoner with over 1,000 types of units.
It is a very popular game where you can enjoy the flashy, ultra-high quality pixel-animated battles and complete battles with simple and nimble controls.


February 22, 2018: 『BRAVE FRONTIER 2』RELEASE



The game was officially released on January 30, 2020, and within a week of its release, it became the top-ranking title developed in Japan in terms of cumulative trading volume of Ethereum.

It also ranked second in the world in DAU (Daily Active Users) in February 2020.(※)
Although “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” was originated in Japan, but 35% of the total users are not Japanese. It means this game receives good evaluation all over the world.

※reference: https://dappradar.com/

Game Content

“BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” is an auto-battle RPG featuring characters from “BRAVE FRONTIER”.

In addition to completing quests to acquire weapons, many events are held every week, including title matches where you can challenge other players with your game technique.

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Each of the characters from “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” will be sold as a “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition”.

※The first sale has already been held on March 15, and all of them are sold out.

We hope you will enjoy the powerful pixel-animation of “BRAVE FRONTIER” and “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” as NFT art.

Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition

Future Sales Schedule

“Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition” will be sold in accordance with the unit sales schedule of “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES”.

Currently, the following schedule is planned. The August sale may be separated into each month and changed to a monthly sale. Please check the official Medium and official Twitter.

・From April 15th: 7 types of NFT
・From May 20th: 8 types of NFT
・From August 19th: 8 types of NFT
・From November 18th:~ 9 types of NFT

About the next sale

The next sales will start on April 15th and 7 types of NFT art will be sold. For more details on the sales, please check the following article.

2nd Sale Information

On January 29, 2018, “BRAVE FRONTIER” was recognized by Guinness World Records as the mobile game with the most controllable pixel art (dot) characters. We hope you enjoy the highest quality pixel animation in NFT.

※A total of "627" appeared between July 3, 2013, and October 31, 2017.
※Character development continued after October 31, 2017, and there are now over 1,000 characters in the game.

Usage of “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition”

The “Pixel Animation NFT — Collector’s Edition” can not only be held and viewed as art NFT but can also be used as a unit in “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES”.

Once transferred from the Ethereum Network into the game, you can play quests, title matches, frontier gates, etc, just like any other unit in the game. (*)

※1: About transfer method
Asset → Unit list → Out Game → Transfer Into Game
If you navigate in this order, you can transfer NFTs from Ethereum into the game.
*You must have created an account in the game with the Ethereum address you have.
*When transferring in-game, you will need to pay the gas fee, and when transferring out-of-game, you will need to pay the equivalent of the gas fee in ZEL(in-game currency).
*If you have any questions, please contact us in Twitter or Discord at the bottom of this article.


We have decided to introduce the new “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” units to the world as NFT art.

The "Pixel Animation NFT - Collector's Edition" will be available for purchase, featuring the world and characters of “BRAVE FRONTIER”.

These special NFTs can be viewed on the blockchain, or you can show them off to someone just by having them. Eventually, there will be a world where you can display it in a virtual space integrated with VR/AR.

As an NFT holder of high-quality pixel animation from Japan, we hope that you will join us in boosting the ecosystem of “BRAVE FRONTIER” and “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES”.

※The content of the presentation may be subject to change.


website: https://bravefrontierheroes.com
twitter(JP) :
twitter(EN) :
Discord(EN) :



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