At the live broadcast on January 30, 2021, the previous producer, Matsuya, and the new producer, Masuyama (Massu), told a look back and roadmap.

In this article, we would like to announce our future plan and roadmap again.
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※It’s Japanese live-streaming.

Looking back

The mission of “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” is to be a model case of NFT×IP.

We have been working on a number of implementations, including improvements of the ecosystem. In particular, we feel that the “Certificate” content was a big step toward the model case of IP x NFT.

In order to allow more people to experience NFTs, we have been working to expand the threshold of BFH, such as changing to fixed dollar sales and developing a list of NFT holders.

Road Map

As I mentioned in the live-streaming, the sales scale of the “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” project itself is not yet sufficient.

This is partly because the expansion of the blockchain game industry itself is slowing down, and this is an issue that not only BFH but also many other blockchain games are facing.

While ordinary Social Games are now beginning to consider whether they should continue to exist or not, BFH is still a meaningful challenge in the area of NFT x IP.

That is why we have set “the challenge of sustainable management” as our future theme.

While it will be difficult to implement new content or make major improvements to existing content, we will continue to strive to make the game more sustainable.

In this roadmap, we will tell you about the three:

Changes in sustainable operation
Future policy
The road to becoming a model case of NFT×IP


Quest updates will be changed as described above.
The quests themselves will be updated every two weeks and will be replaced by other spheres as they reappear.

In addition, in light of the situation where the rewards distributed to participants in title matches have become excessive, we have changed the balance of rewards.

Please refer to the Arena Rewards screen for details.

In addition, we have made the following changes to each event.
Although the number of events themselves will be reduced, we hope to maintain the excitement with the support of our users.

Thank you very much for your support…!

From May onwards, the unit sale will be held every three months on the third Thursday of the month.

We will announce the rarity of the sale as needed.

We are aware that there is a problem with duplicate users accumulating ZEL and purchasing units as a result.

In order to solve this issue, we will be changing the login bonus to be split between Prime and non-Prime users.
We are planning to make this change as long as it is possible to enter and stay on Land. More details will be announced soon.

Future Policy

We have presented the above two points as our future policy.

Our top priority will be to address the liquidity loss in the secondary market that Ethereum is facing due to the high gas price.
The price of an asset is also an indicator of the ease of entry for new users in blockchain games that are designed on the premise of NFT ownership.

Currently, the cost of gas is higher than the price of assets, and in some cases, the cost of gas is many times higher than the price of assets.

With the introduction of AMS, which has been developed in MCH+, it will be possible to make payments in $ in the secondary market without out-of-game transfers and without gas fees when purchasing.

With this change, we will secure a more convenient secondary distribution route and prepare the ground for inviting new users.

AMS will also enable multi-blockchain support.

Column: About multi-blockchain support

Currently, BFH NFT is only compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

NFTs are built on a unified standard called ERC-721 on Ethereum. Because of the unified standard, it is possible to connect to other services, which means that nightingale can be used in MCH.

If the standard is different, it will not be possible to connect to other services, just like Nintendo Switch software cannot be played on PlayStation 5.

Multi-blockchain support means that assets in the game can be “put out as NFTs on blockchains other than Ethereum”.
This makes it easy to link BFH NFT to services that are developed on other blockchains.
It would be great if you can imagine that you can bring BFH NFT to a completely different game console.

After supporting AMS, we will fully promote the world view of BFH, aiming to attract new users and increase the value of NFT.

As mentioned in the column, we will aim to attract new users by supporting multiple blockchains.

Blockchains are different from each other in

Different demographics and characteristics of users
Each blockchain has different user base and characteristics.
Each blockchain has different strengths.

For example, blockchain A has a wide range of users mainly in North America, while blockchain B has a core community in Asia, and we will further expand the user base by connecting blockchains that are suitable for promoting the world view of BFH.

The key to blockchain games is NFT.

The higher the value of NFTs, the more exciting the game will be, and the more new experiences it will provide to everyone.

With “artification” and “rightsizing” as keywords, we aim to increase the value of NFTs through collaboration with external services.
We will take on the challenge of creating a new model case that does not rely solely on in-game value.

Producer Letter from Massu

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it’s not all smooth sailing for us as a project. Therefore, I really need to tell you that it has become difficult for us to develop new content or make major improvements to existing content.

Currently, there is no blockchain game for which NFT has been able to guarantee value outside of the game.
However, the game, BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES, has the IP power of the wonderful world of BRAVE FRONTIER. The NFT you have has the soul of BFH in them. We will actively try to increase the value of NFT by putting the charm of BFH on it.

We are convinced that the key to becoming a model case of IP x NFT will be how we develop the IP power of BFH. Once we have improved the value of NFT and gained new users, we will be able to re-start new development and content recovery to increase the value of the project and return to the phase where we can aim for the world as a blockchain game.

Although there are still a lot of problems to be solved, we will contribute to the growth of BFH by utilizing the experience and achievements of MCH Producer.

We would be very happy if you, the members of the BFH community, could support us.

Thank you.


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