Find a Job Using Blockchain Technology

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Nowadays, we hear a lot of news about investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but the technology that powers these cryptocurrencies is blockchain and that itself hasn’t yet reached our lives on a day to day basis.

Perhaps you don’t even know what blockchain is yet — but no stress.

In short, blockchain is a decentralized network, which maintains a continuous growing list of records — anyone can see these records and add to them.

In fact, blockchain is a very new technology that is just starting to be adopted by certain industries like banking, messaging apps, voting and even ride sharing.

Here at Bravuz HireMatch we decided to use it in a much more personal situation.

Several years ago, our co-founder Armando Pantoja found himself in a stressful job hiring process at Google which left him wondering why there isn’t more transparency and speed in the hiring process. As an engineer, he decided to apply technology to solve his woes and decided to adopt blockchain because of the huge potential the technology held.

Fast forward to the present, we have created Bravuz HireMatch — a decentralized job board hiring platform where anyone can become a recruiter and earn money through cryptocurrency when they recruit their friends or family for jobs.

Sound good? Well it gets even better. If a candidate has made a profile, they can not only look for and apply to jobs but also make money when they refer other candidates and are successful. For us, being able to make extra money while job searching is the added bonus we wanted our users to have.

We’re also very proud to say that our job platform is the first blockchain-based hiring platform in all of Europe. In this still hazy field, we’re bravely pioneering the way with a mission in mind — help people find a job a faster, more efficient way, as well as help companies find top talent in the same timely and cost-effective way.

A win-win for both companies and candidates is our goal because there’s nothing better than people who are happy and satisfied working the job of their dreams.

We’re going to launch the platform in early 2019, so stay tuned!

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