Vaga Lume: improving literacy and preserving culture

In vast rural regions of the Amazon, we are fulfilling the goals of children and adults who pursue a better education, and who work to preserve their culture.


Due to the poor quality of education in the region, books are very rare and only 25% of the population is considered fully literate.

Together with Vaga Lume, we are able to advance education and literacy in communities of the Brazilian Amazon such as Orixaminâ.

Since 2001, Vaga Lume has enriched the lives of over 25,000 children.

Vaga Lume trains teachers from public schools as reading coaches. So far, more than 500 teachers have been trained and are ready to assist students.

More than 81,000 new books have been distributed and shared amongst the 160 libraries constructed by Vaga Lume.


The process of making books is a very important part of Vaga Lume’s work.

These books serve to promote reading and also empower communities by preserving their own culture and (folkloric) stories.

As a part of the book making process, community elders are invited into the Vaga Lume Circle and impart their knowledge, culture, and history onto a new generation of storytellers.

Newly designed books are presented and read out loud to the class!


The indomitable spirit of the children is evident not just in the classroom but also while at play.

The community has an appreciation and strong connection with nature.


Every year Vaga Lume follows up on the progress of the communities that they have supported in the past.

This particular visit brought about an opportunity to meet with local teachers and celebrate a jump in school enrollment and increased literacy.

The village of Aracuan welcomes Vaga Lume’s visit with colorful signs and a very warm heart!
Vaga Lume embraces the children with games and lively discourses! The children become very excited and are ready to learn!


A bright and promising future lies ahead for the village of Orixaminá.

These children smile, as they are now one step closer towards higher education and fulfilling their dreams.

Our work and partnership with Vaga Lume will continue to benefit thousands of children.

How can you help make a difference?

Brazil Foundation sponsors wonderful projects such as Vaga Lume every year. You too can help and make a difference. Your generosity ensures our success and impactful results.

“I was thrown back by their level of excitement and motivation….It quickly occurred to me how contagious reading can be. Vaga Lume has the potential to infinitely increase the literacy rate amongst the young and older people of Brazil.”

BrazilFoundation Volunteer/Photographer:
 Bernardo Carvalho