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1. Intro

Initial overview document

Race rules

Main notes from Link

Cut off:

  • 120 hours
  • 48 hours for Badwater qualification


  • 1- You must print your BIBs.
  • 2- You and also your support team members, have to have two ( 2 ) BIBs . One (1) BIB will be attached in your front, another one(1) in your back
  • 3- It is up to you to pick the collors
  • 4- The size is 1/2 A4 and The numbers and letters dimmensions are: 5 Cm hight for 1cm large. See the attachment for more details.
  • 5- Your support team members must have BIBs too. Their bibS ARE LISTED ON THE BRAZIL135 Website.

Drop bag

  • Aguas da Prata, 33 km
  • Borda da Mata, 135 km (blue)
  • Paraisopolis, 217 km (red)

Race start

  • 08:00

Other …

Race goal

  • Need to finish before The Badwater Time Qualification which is 48 hours
  • 1st place gives direct BW135 ticket.
  • No idea yet, but someone is saying that I should aim for sub 23 hours (which is below race course record).

Mandatory equipment



  • Luciano Alves and wife will support me. In addition they will get two additonal resouces. Alves ran this race in 2018 at 25h47. I met him at the start of Spartathlon 2021 (ref. below).
  • Support car is needed

Drop bags

  • Drop Bags are allowed in the specific points according to the rules letter H.

Aid stations



  • Finish line: City of Paraisópolis , state of Minas Gerais
  • A 217 km point-to-point course on the Caminho Da Fé.
  • Only 17 km of relatively flatter terrain, 9.000 + meters of cumulative ascent, 8.500 + meters of cumulative descent.
  • The course route is on the Mantiqueira Mountains — ( A Sub Range of the Andes Cordillera ).
Start: São João da Boa Vista (São Paulo), finish: Paraisópolis (Minas Gerais)
Elevation gain: 7705 meter, eleveation loss: 7631 meter

Course record

Kleber Felipe dos Santos have the BR 135 record with 23:29:33 h from 2018.


According to, there are — as of September 13th 2022 — new rules for entering Brazil. Ref. link

  • Travelers may opt for providing either a proof of vaccination or a negative test.
  • An antigen test or RT-PCR test, with a negative or non-detectable result for Covid-19, carried out one day before departure.

Yellow fever

No strong recommendation for the area I will be running. → Not needed.

Boostrix Polio

Recommended if more than 10 years since last dose. → Needed.

Hepatitt A

Recommended, and is normally done as combo with Hapatitt B. → Needed.

Traveling / accommodation

  • Airport: São Paulo Guarulhos (GRU) international airport
  • Find accommodation close to start line which is City of São João da Boa Vista , state of São Paulo




  • heat training
  • long decents and acents


  • 26 to 36 degree with 38 degree Celcius feeling

Estimated cost

  • Race fee: EUR 1010
  • Travel : EUR 1500
  • Hotel (7 nights): EUR 500
  • Car
  • Vaccines:

To do list:

  • Clarify covid-19 situation — DONE-
  • Check covid-19 requirements for Schiphol / Amsterdam transit
  • Book accommodation
  • Organise support/crew / pacers
  • Figure out the mandatory equipment requirements
  • Arrange crew car
  • Arrange funding
  • register support using following link
  • bring USD cash
  • pay start fee USD 990 cash
  • Set up crowdfunding for the start fee
  • print out international vaccination card
  • print out and sign Medical Form And Liability, ref. link.
  • print BIB (also for crew)



The Brazil 135 is held in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains in the state of Minas Gerais. This lush mountain range separates Rio de Janeiro from Minas Gerais state and is one of few ramaining areas with the extensive Atlantic Coastal Rainforest in southeastern Brazil.

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