#ReactConf2016: Tip Top Talks

These are my personal most favourite talks from ReactConf2016.

(There’s also my general reactrospective of the conference as well that you might want to check out first.)

I wanted this to err on the short side so there are some really good talks about cool ideas or libraries that I’m leaving out. And because of my personal use-case there aren’t a ton of ones about React Native.

Day 1

Ben Alpert — What Lies Ahead

A summary of where the React ecosystem is heading with help from Facebook and help from the open-source community. Divided into things to help user experience, and things to help developer experience.

Isaac Salier-Hellendag — Rich Text Editing with React

Walkthrough of the problem of creating a rich text editor with javascript and why `contenteditible` ended up being the choice they went with. I love seeing how developers tackled an interesting problem, and I also love when cool stuff like a rich text editor framework for React gets open-sourced. Aloha, draft.js!

Lin Clark — A Cartoon Guide to the Wilds of Data Handling

Data handling is a bit complicated in React since it isn’t built into the framework. Lin Clark sets out to summarize her awesome series of code cartoons by explaining how Flux, Redux, and Relay all fit together. (also highlighting the need identified by Ben in the talk above to combine them all into one library)

Keith Poplawski — How To Use React In A Wedding Gift Without Being A Bad Friend

This was the Day 1 Crowd Pleaser. Keith walks us through how he created a physical jeopardy game called ‘Jeoparty!’ Highly entertaining, and pretty inspiring. Made me want to HACK it up.

Day 2

James Ide — Team × Technology

James Ide walks through the learnings of putting together a development team for React Native apps. Both a very compelling case for that framework and some really valuable advice on what to consider when building a development team. #crossstack

Gaetan Renaudeau — Universal GL Effects for Web and Native

A really fascinating look at abstracting terrifyingly complex graphical operations and making them seem totally manageable with React. Unfortunately interrupted by some jackhammering, but the demos and code speak for themselves.

Jamison Dance — Rethinking All Practices: Building Applications in Elm

Possibly my favourite of the bunch. An explanation of why Elm’s approach to functional paradigms of static typing, stateless functions and immutability might be the best thing for your code, how it relates to Redux and React, and myriad of hilarious tangent.

Syrus Akbary — A GraphQL Framework in Non-JS Servers

This was served as an introduction of a really cool tool and a really great summary of what GraphQL is and why you might want to use it (oly cripes i want to use it now).

Lightning Strikes

The schedule was splattered with several series of 5 minute inclement weather or ‘lightning’ talks on a wide variety of things with important learnings like:

Gestural Interfaces are fucking hard:

Inclusiveness in your community is fucking important:

You can stop people fucking with your DOM:

And that’s it!

Except this is a great analysis of some state management approaches in real world application. And this is an amazing exploration of getting awesome performance in 2G. And the Virtual Reality stuff is really cool, if you mess up you make people nauseous! And Nuclide seems dope as all… Ok Ah! Just watch them all. Or check out my Reactrospective.

Thanks for reading and let me know if this was valuable, or I got it oh so wrong!