What is Breadboardeaux?

Breadboardeaux is a place, both fictional and virtual, where electronics come to life;
It is a place where the imagination of children can run free.
Where components walk and talk.
Where one can see and touch electrical traces are pathways and currents.
It is a place of learning. Where kids and adults alike discover the power of electronics and the world of bits and atoms.

When I first wrote “Ed Gets His Power Back!” Breadboardeaux was a clever name, and nothing more. With the primary action of the story taking place on a breadboard, the name popped out as I was writing an draft of the story. It was cute and clever, and I’m not silly enough to dismiss rare moments of cleverness.

As Sarah and I started planning the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for Ed, Breadboardeaux grew. In our minds, it became a virtual destination, of sorts. More than the fictional city in which our characters live, it became a virtual place to contain things related to, but ancillary to the book. A neat container for the world and characters we’d created. Something fun and relatable that kids would grasp. Something adults would appreciate with wink-and-nod understanding.

Then we started talking about setting up a blog. A place where our characters could introduce themselves. A place where we could share our passion for learning and teaching technology. Breadboardeaux was a natural name for this publication, and this is where you are now.

Breadboardeaux, the blog, is a place for us to come together and talk about electronics. To do so in a way that is approachable for kids and for parents who want their kids to love the world of bits and atoms as they do. It’s a place for kids to learn from the characters who populate what we hope will become some of their favorite stories.

But we dream of Breadboardeaux being so much more than this, in time. Sarah’s and my passion is to raise wild, curious and adventurous children who never stop viewing the world with wonder and possibility. Between nature and the person-made, we want our children to always be in awe of the miracles around them. We also want them to explore and learn how those awesome things work.

Above all, we want Breadboardeaux to be a place of community and adventure. For kids and for us as parents as we share our love for electronics. Or, for those of us learning along with our children, as we discover a love for the first time. I myself didn’t discover that love for electronics until well into my adulthood. I can attest that its never too late to find a new adventure.

Our passion and dream will unfold in many ways in the future. Some we’ve planned and others we can’t hardly predict. But it starts here with this blog, and with our book. We hope that both are valuable to you and to your kids. Ed, Patty, Shelly, The Meyers twins and Mr. Resistor are waiting. We hope that you’ll join us along these virtual streets and pathways as we explore the digital world together.

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